Your Daily Tang Multivitamin: Don’t Come For Mother Nature Unless She Sends For You

Apparently, Mother Nature has a husband that has been holding back on laying her low and spreading her wide because her miserable self has decided to show her ugly wrath by pounding more snow storms across the country — or at least that’s the story the zestlemen in the video above wants you to believe. Disregard the fact that snow usually falls when it is winter.

Press play to watch what happens when you go in on Mother Nature and expect for her to just sit there and take the dragging without fighting back. – @LitaSoFli

People You Should Be Paying Homage To: The Rude Time Shakaz

Riddle me this Batman. What is there to do in New Orleans these days?

Take a scenic excursion to view foreclosed properties previously owned by Master P? Walk aimlessly around the French Quarter for the 14th time this month? Help Drake and  other AKA’s recruit new members for the Fall Rush?

Eh. Those options all sound so boring. I’ll tell you what is a more enticing option — popping that bussy on a urinal inside Marshall’s and praying to White Jesus that trade will notice!

Check out the Nawlins kids serving rude girl realness dressed in lounging gear and more stylish looks from the Job Corps cafeteria in the clip above. Their prints are to be shaken, not stirred! You can’t take these effects!


The Honorable Messy Mya is booking them all from heaven. Follow me, camera!

Your Daily Tang Multivitamin

104070233 Your Daily Tang Multivitamin

The viewing for Marco Hall Spring 2011 collection during New York Fashion Week was one delicious 800 calorie serving of zestation delight swimming in a sea of creme brulée, but even more scrumptious than that was Gaymonn’s single ruby red lip and absentee eyebrows. Indulge!

Sexual Napalm: Tommy Davidson

tommy Sexual Napalm: Tommy Davidson

Does this fever really warrant a write up? I didn’t think so. Prepare your pulsating Polly Pockets for take off! I’m sucking zest residue from a hundred bags of Doritos off my finger tips as we speak.

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Quick Quotes: Ne-Yo Will No Longer Tolerate Your Gay Fish Shade

neyo tang Quick Quotes: Ne Yo Will No Longer Tolerate Your Gay Fish Shade

Cooking up a gay joke at Go-Go’s expense? You might want to go and put it on the back burner and check the credits, heaux.

There’s one rumor that just, for whatever reason, will not die and I’m convinced that it’s just because they really can’t figure out anything else to say about me, which kind of doesn’t make any sense because if you really just wanted to talk bad about me you could. But there’s this whole gay thing that keeps following me around.

Apparently, I’m gay. Pretty much anybody that sings and has a penis is gay. So, I’m part of that elite squad according to multiple blog sites. I guess it’s because I never shot a person or talked about shooting a person or had a desire to shoot a person that I’m gay. (source)

Allow me to paraphrase Antoine Dodson for a moment:

Ne-Yo, you don’t have to come confess what you did. We looking for you, and we gon’ find you, so I’m letting you know that raht nah. So you can run and tell that, homeboy!

Your Daily Tang Multivitamin

tang paris Your Daily Tang Multivitamin

If you weren’t able to catch the premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race bend over and recieve this booster shot until a re-run airs! I care for you.