Side-Eye Fever: What Happens When A Couple Doesn’t Share The Same Vision?

tanisha1 zpsfd89c499 Side Eye Fever: What Happens When A Couple Doesnt Share The Same Vision?

Hypothetically speaking, let’s say one of your significant other’s eyeballs looked like the bubble dome placed in the center of the Trouble board game. How would you manage to maintain a solid bond despite never being able to see eye-to-eye?

Perhaps that’s one of the things plaguing ‘Bad Girls Club’ alum (because that it some shit to be proud of, thank you) Tanisha Thomas.

The Princess of Pop Off and her estranged husband Clive Muir join four other reality television couples in a Hollywood mansion for relationship counseling on the new season of weTv’s  ’Marriage Boot Camp’ series.

I’m not only a client but I’m also the president of You Ain’t Shit For Laughing At People Who Can’t Help It Club of Colored People. That being said, I wasn’t able to make it past the first five minutes of their screen time with a straight face.

tanisha3 zpsa8b9ed98 Side Eye Fever: What Happens When A Couple Doesnt Share The Same Vision?

Father forgive me for I have sinned. Please extend your hands towards the screen in prayer for Clive’s eyeball situation and watch a video clip featuring the couple after the jump.

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Side-Eye Fever: Donna Brazile Shades George Will’s Entire Existence

donna side eye Side Eye Fever: Donna Brazile Shades George Wills Entire ExistenceDuring a conversation about the 50th anniversary of The March On Washington on ABC’s ‘This Week’, conservative columnist George Will, who Wonkette describes as a “Windsor-knotted colostomy bag” — Yahtzee!, told the panel that single mothers present a bigger threat to the Black community than a lack of voting rights.

Citing a report published eight months after the march, Will explained economic progress continues to evade Black families because of baby mamas. Specifically, the ones Fantasia showed love to on that basic ass song.

“24 percent of African American children are being born to unmarried women. Today, it’s tripled, 72 percent,” Will said. “And that, not an absence of rights is surely the biggest impediment.”

Democratic strategist Donna Brazile wasn’t available for that BS.

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You Sent It: Mitt Romney Side-Eye Fever

mitt romney pizza You Sent It: Mitt Romney Side Eye Fever

Yahtzee! There’s not much to say beyond the above photo other than this: Nicki Minaj took to her Twitter on yesterday to confirm what the majority of rap fans already knew — her unexpected shout out to Mitt Romney on the track “Mercy” from the newly released mixtape from Lil’ Wayne was taking out of context.

“Yeah, I’m not sure that’s exactly what happened. I think she had a song on there, a little rap that said that, but she likes to play different characters. So I don’t know what’s going on there,” replied President Barack Obama during a radio interview when asked if he believed Nicki might vote for Romney on Monday (September 10).

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“Bitch, You Ain’t Madonna” Side-Eye Fever!

side eye fever Bitch, You Aint Madonna Side Eye Fever!
And in that order! Crunkland reader Q submitted the above photo of a cute little tyke lay the law down without having to say a word.

There is always room at the inn for side-eye fever. Send your favorite shady ass glares to!

“We Cool But Not That Cool” Side-Eye Fever

sideeye1 We Cool But Not That Cool Side Eye Fever

A faithful Crunkster writes:

“Behold the “we cool, but not that cool” side-eye. Next I imagine he stared at dudes hand on his shoulder until he removed it. Literally a work of art found on the wall of a Norm’s Diner somewhere in LA.”

Watch This: Millie Jackson Is Amazing

In somber times as the present it’s nice to know that Rich of FourFour, who has been the Nettie to my Celie since 2005, can still make me smile with my heart.

I’m a little late to this one, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t touch on my favorite person on TV this week, soul singer Millie Jackson. Her life story took up an hour of TV One’s Unsung (basically my favorite show on TV now – did you see last week’s Full Force episode?!?). And what a story it was! She got her break by shit-talking some woman that was onstage at a concert she attended. She described her marriage to a bass player like this: “He was a decent cat, but he thought we were going to be Ike and Tina, and the record company didn’t sign Ike, it only signed Tina.” She gave Roxanne Shanté these words of advice: “You’ll be successful a lot longer for the nasty things that come out of your mouth than the nasty things you put in it.” She made fun of her own music, lamented her inability to pawn gold records and showed that at age 67, she’s still quite flexible (you can see that in the video above).