Yes, You Care: Tamar Braxton Isn’t A Fan of Sideline Hoes

tamar braxton bet zps94e2ab4d Yes, You Care: Tamar Braxton Isnt A Fan of Sideline Hoes

Everyone is a fan of the side chick when it comes to watching them get their backs blown out on the regular via reality television, but when it comes everyday life . . . well, that’s a different story.


When it comes to sideline hoes prospering, part time stunt queen, full time muppet Tamar Braxton has reached her breaking point. In the recent weeks, she has been venting her frustrations all over social media.


Lets all join hands, sway side to side, and hum the opening to “It’s Yo Thang” by Mercedes as we dive into the foolishness.

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Things We Should’ve Lost In The Fire: Keyshia Cole And Iggy Azalea Channel Diana Ross On “I’m Coming Out” Cover

iggy azalea charli xcx fancy clueless 600x337 zpsab3a462d Things We Shouldve Lost In The Fire: Keyshia Cole And Iggy Azalea Channel Diana Ross On Im Coming Out Cover

Okay maybe the song isn’t as bad as the title of this post suggests but you know how petty and overprotective I am with all things involving the legacy of Diana Ross. You know, with her being my mother-in-law and all. That’s right, my eternal flame for LaMichael is still burning.

Anyways, Keyshia Cole and Iggy Azalea pick up where “Mo Money, Mo Problems” left off, letting the beat build around the infectious hook of Dirty Diana’s 1980 hit “I’m Coming Out” on their new tune bearing the same name.

Produced by Irv Gotti, the song appears on the soundtrack of the new romantic comedy ‘The Other Woman’. Bonus fact: Nicki Minaj stars as Cameron Diaz’s assistant in the flick slated for release on April 25.

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Quick Quotes: August Alsina Isn’t A Fan Of Trey Songz Acting Like A Newly Crossed Kappa

august some damn body zps0058eeb4 Quick Quotes: August Alsina Isnt A Fan Of Trey Songz Acting Like A Newly Crossed Kappa

The 2014 answer to Lyfe Jennings, August Alsina, is letting it be known that he isn’t here for former collaborator / playa partna Trey Songz allowing the recipe for bourbon chicken to not only swell his chest but also head.

“I don’t really fuck with Trey right now. We don’t get along right now,” August revealed to Rap-Up while promoting his upcoming album ‘Testimony’ due in stores next month.

“We ain’t on the same page. He did some other shit and we just don’t rock. If you show me that you this person day one, you should always be that person. We were supposed to have a show together or some shit and it just went left.”

The New Orleans native continued: “Cause I can’t deal with niggas’ egos and attitudes ’cause I’m just a real nigga coming through and I’m rocking. And once niggas go to talking a certain type of way, that shit ain’t gonna fly with me. And I just had to not do the show because I can’t stand on the side of a nigga if I really got something that I feel in my heart. It just ain’t gonna work with me.”

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Girl Bye: Towanda Braxton Stands By Vincent Herbert Shade

towanda braxton zps44c8b42e Girl Bye: Towanda Braxton Stands By Vincent Herbert Shade

The life milestones of Towanda Braxton include being an extra in the “Seven Whole Days” music video and getting arrested for writing stolen checks before finding mild fame through the success of the ‘Braxton Family Values’ reality series, so when she grasps for straws to pull stunts I can’t do anything but understand. Booking dates are harder to lock down in 2014.

Recently, Towanda took to Twitter to let people know that Vincent Herbert, husband and manager to sister Tamar, was facing a tax lien totaling almost $3.3 million.

Now she says that she feels justified in airing her family’s dirty laundry because people didn’t see the hurtful things that Tamar’s followers — you know, the faceless strangers hiding behind computer screens — were saying to her.

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Oh Girl, Who Asked? Garcelle Beauvais Doesn’t Fancy Beyonce’s “Overt” Sexiness

garcelle Oh Girl, Who Asked? Garcelle Beauvais Doesnt Fancy Beyonces Overt Sexiness

All those years of being the apple of Jamie King’s eye while working in the King’s Tower has somebody bopping to the beat of Drake’s “Fancy” a little too hard these days.

While being interviewed by Hello Beautiful to promote her latest straight to DVD movie (we won’t bore you with the details), Garcelle Beauvais commented on Beyonce’s “overt” sex appeal — and it was as sweet as honey dripping from the BeyHive’s nest.

“I think you can wear a great short dress, but if you have long sleeves and you’re only showing leg,” she started. “I think you have to stick to a body part and show that. I don’t think you have to show all of it.”

She then went on to say that women of a certain age should be conscious about how they present their sexiness.

“As I get older, I still want to be sexy, but I want to do it in a different way,” the 47-year-old actress continued. “I want to do it in a way that’s more classy. Certain things are just too overt for kids.”

“I love Beyonce,” she added. “I love her. I think she’s beautiful and talented; but I think there has to be a fine line where you have to take responsibility for what you do. I think it’s good to be sexy, but sexy can come across in so many different ways. It doesn’t have to be everything showing out grinding, all of the time.”

Garcelle Beauvais Attends “The LEGO Movie” Premiere

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Le Sigh: DVR Owner Gives Break Down of Carmelo Anthony ‘Flirting’ With A Female Fan

carmelo lala Le Sigh: DVR Owner Gives Break Down of Carmelo Anthony Flirting With A Female Fan

It’s obvious that your cousins don’t deserve nice things such as legal cable and DVR boxes when Trap God decides to anoint the hood with income tax blessings.

After facing defeat at the hands of the Memphis Grizzlies in Tennessee on Tuesday night, New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony, who is married to La La Anthony, (as Deadspin put it) shared “a few smiles, holding hands in passing, a glance in the rear view mirror” with a female fan seated court side on his way back to the locker room.

Leave it to a WSHH connoisseur to pause, rewind, and stretch the hell out of the moment while adding his own back story.

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