The “Say Something Nice” Challenge: Flavor Flav Appears In Court

flav2 The Say Something Nice Challenge: Flavor Flav Appears In Court

Get into Carol’s Other Daughter, naturalistas! That twist out has been sitting on the curb for days and it’s time to call the city to come pick it up.

A Las Vegas judge scheduled a September trial for 54-year-old Talented Tenth leader Flavor Flav on felony charges he chased and threatened his longtime girlfriend’s son with a knife during a family argument last October.

Defense attorney Tony Abbatangelo has said he’ll plead not guilty to the felony assault with a weapon and child endangerment charges.

Flav ran after the 17-year-old with a butcher knife (it’s not funny) and threatened to kill him for trying to intervene in an argument he was having with his mother, according to investigators from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Hey, you’ve got to squeeze in 30 minutes of solid cardio by any means.

A local judge who heard the teen testify at a preliminary hearing last month decided there is enough evidence for Count Blackula to stand trial in state court. Welp, good luck.

flav The Say Something Nice Challenge: Flavor Flav Appears In Court

Say something nice! I’ll update the post with the best comments because I love you. The doors of the church are now open.

I Quit This Bitch: Benedict XVI Leaves Vatican, Resignation Now Official

145548026 I Quit This Bitch: Benedict XVI Leaves Vatican, Resignation Now Official

Amid rising scandals of “inappropriate acts” (shame, shame, shame) Pope Benedict XVI formally ceased his papacy today, becoming the first pope in 600 years to resign. He left the Vatican on an Italian government helicopter for Castel Gandolfo to his retirement at a summer residence used by popes for centuries.

In light of Benedict chunking up the deuce to Catholic faithfuls around the world, I invite you to revisit the legendary clip of Inetta The Moodsetta quitting her on-air radio personality position at WBLX in 2008.

By the way, the above photo is a sculpture by Leardo Sciacoviello depicting Benedict as Marilyn Monroe. The powers that be at Fingerhut need to make miniature replicas of it available. That thing would look real nice on my coffee table.

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And The Hood Gently Weeps: Gunplay Surrenders To Authorities On Armed Robbery Charge

gunplay mugshot And The Hood Gently Weeps: Gunplay Surrenders To Authorities On Armed Robbery Charge

Brace yourself for impact. The winter blues you have been experiencing since Gabourey Sidibe declined your cuffing season advances are about to take a turn for the worse. The trap’s guardian angel, Maybach Music Group rapper Gunplay, proved that he really is about that life by surrendering himself to the Miami-Dade Police Department today on an open arrest warrant for armed robbery with a firearm.

According to the arrest warrant the 33-year-old rapper, whose real name is Richard Morales, and co-defendant Randy Jones robbed a man at a Miami tax business on Friday, April 13. Where is Phaedra Parks or Maxine Shaw, attorney at law?

The warrant filed May 18 states that the partners in crime stole a gold chain and cell phone, with Gunplay striking the victim several times in the head, and later threatening the man with his handgun, causing him to run for his life.

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The Jackson Family Arrives At Court + Conrad Murray’s Lawyer Speaks Out

janet randy1 The Jackson Family Arrives At Court + Conrad Murrays Lawyer Speaks Out

Family members of the late King of Pop, including Joe, Katherine and siblings Jermaine, Randy and Janet, confronted the judge on Monday that will preside over the trial of Michael Jackson’s controversial former physician Dr. Conrad Murray.

Click here for an additional picture of Janet and Randy

E! Online reports that outside the courtroom, in addition to the skywriting, dozens of devoted fans sung “We Are the World” and sported matching red armbands and “Justice for M.J.” T-shirts. Many were lugging signs expressing outrage ["Dr. Murray Makes Us Want to Scream"] and sadness over the death of their hero. New developments on what Dr. Conrad Murray’s attorney had to say this morning after the jump.

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Mama Tina 2.0 Goes To Court

tina1 Mama Tina 2.0 Goes To Court

I’m on my Louis shit today fuck some Gucci Man.

People can’t seem to stop finding great bargains at Mary J. Blige’s weekend rummage sales. I can’t wait to scoop up the bubble jacket she wore in the video for “Love Is All We Need” so my Mama can give the rest of the usher board fever.

But I digress.

Tina Douglas told a Manhattan jury earlier this week that Devard Hurd attached photos of male genitals to some of the more than 30 rambling text messages sent to her cell phone over several weeks earlier this year.

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