Gossip: Mona Scott-Young Allegedly Furious Over Cast Leaks

mona scott Gossip: Mona Scott Young Allegedly Furious Over Cast Leaks

Mona Scott-Young is allegedly livid about cast details for the ‘Love & Hip Hop’ franchise cities Houston, New Orleans and Los Angeles leaking online. According to a well placed source (or as I like to call him, the weed man):

“Mona threatened that if she finds out who leaked the potential cast she will fire them because they all signed a confidentiality contract. The reason for Mona’s anger was because she was trying to work things out with a few of the potential cast members like Karrueche who was interested in the show if she could promote her ‘The Kill’ line, but had not discussed the proposal with Chris yet.”

“Needless to say Chris was not happy when he got word via the internet that Karrueche was in talks to possibly join the show without talking it over with him first. And Karrueche didn’t know Chris ex Jasmine Sanders was in talks to be on the show either.”

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Yes, You Care: Mimi Faust Confirms Altercation With K. Michelle

mimi faust Yes, You Care: Mimi Faust Confirms Altercation With K. Michelle

I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ is months away from airing but the on-camera drama is unfolding by the day. To quote esteemed trap folk hero turned movie star Curtis Snow, “It can be a rape, shooting, or robbery. No matter what keep that muthafucka rolling, don’t never turn it off.”

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Behind the scenes at her sold out show at B.B. King Blues Club & Grill in New York City earlier this week, K. Michelle proved her ratchet prowess by punching allegedly Mimi Faust in the face following an argument.

Peeved with reports around the web suggest that K. Michelle hit her so hard in the face that it sent her to the hospital with a busted eardrum, Mimi has gone on the defense by releasing a statement on the altercation.

It’s 2013! Your 15-year-old cousin’s PR people reach out to their friends with a mass text in the morning when they have lunch detention at school that day. Don’t judge.

“Recalling all of the past incidents with K. Michelle and other cast members, she never seems to wants to talk things out; the end results are always violent. That’s not the type of person I am and to continue to fight with K. Michelle would have been pointless,” said Mimi in the statement distributed this morning.

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Reality Rewind: Jackie Christie And Brooke Bailey Trade Blows On ‘Basketball Wives LA’

jackie brooke1 Reality Rewind: Jackie Christie And Brooke Bailey Trade Blows On Basketball Wives LA

If a track is snatched out of a sew-in during an argument and VH1′s cameras are around to film it but later edit it out for you and I to watch for ourselves, did it really happen?

Laura Govan’s private mixology party resembled any given welfare office argument posted on World Star Hip Hop on last night’s episode of ‘Basketball Wives LA’ after Jackie Christie and newbie Brooke Bailey traded verbal barbs and then blows.

After the edited fight aired Brooke took to Twitter to talk her shit, writing “I’m not afraid of no bitches . . . Never have been! Right is right and wrong is wrong! I don’t have an ego! I’m just a real bitch! It’s not one cast member that can ‘beat my ass’. If I’m going to get down with a bitch it needs to be a valid reason. A nigga isn’t one!”

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Tweets Is Watching: Bobbi Kristina’s Boyfriend Nick Gordon Tweets Gun Picture

bobbik3 Tweets Is Watching: Bobbi Kristinas Boyfriend Nick Gordon Tweets Gun Picture

Don’t tell Auntie Pat!

Yesterday, Bobbi Kristina tweeted a picture of boyfriend/adopted brother Nick Gordon cruising the streets car while clearly exercising the right to bear arms, driving with one hand and holding a gun with the other. The moment wasn’t as romantic as the mental image I get whenever I hear 2 Chainz rap “left hand on that steering wheel, right hand on that pussy” but it was close.

The post has since been deleted. Check out the picture along with an additional flick of the couple (who are officially shacking up after  securing their own apartment together) sharing a tender moment inside.

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Watch This: Kevin Hart And Meek Mill Exchange Friendly Fire In Roasting Session

Here’s something you’ll be hard pressed to catch women and assorted gays sensitive to the slightest of insults participating in while pre-gaming for Ladies’ Night, and you know I’m telling the truth.

On the latest episode of his Dreams & Nightmares Tour vlog Maybach Music rapper Meek Mill trades friendly fire with funny man Kevin Hart while backstage at the House of Blues in Los Angeles. If you were one of the uncouth kids in the hallway that spent whatever down time available between classes to crack jokes at the expense of your friends you’ll appreciate this clip.

Laugh At His Pain

Tweets Is Watching: K. Michelle Tells Rasheeda Memphis Life Ain’t No Disney Production

kmichelle leader Tweets Is Watching: K. Michelle Tells Rasheeda Memphis Life Aint No Disney Production

The life of a girl with a Kool-Aid red sew-in with gate jumping tendencies could never be featured on your favorite childrens channel. Oh, but you will respect it.

K. Michelle saw the way Rasheeda responded to talk about Memphitz physically abusing her during their relationship following Monday’s episode of ‘Love & Cigarillos’ — as if she they weren’t there talking to each other — and wasn’t too pleased with the way it came across on screen.

The world-renowned lounge singer and Jack Daniels connoisseur took to Twitter after the episode and subtweeted to the heavens.

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