Watch The Trailer For Beyonce’s Extended Instagram Video Series, ‘X10′

465294133 zps4767d409 Watch The Trailer For Beyonces Extended Instagram Video Series, X10

Beyhive members rejoice: Creolepatra Jones has linked up with HBO to make sure you get your fair share of her this summer.

BEYONCE: X10 – The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour will feature never-before-seen footage of Beyonce’s sold out international tour. The series will consist of 10-episodes, where #BeyHive fans can watch five-minute video performances of Beyonce’s concert. Unfortunately, the Hive won’t be able to see Beyonce for long periods of time this summer.

Watch the trailer below!

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TMZ Camera Man Gets His Token Black Girls Mixed Up, Inadvertently Tugs At NeNe Leakes’ Toupee

nene annoyed TMZ Camera Man Gets His Token Black Girls Mixed Up, Inadvertently Tugs At NeNe Leakes Toupee

It’s cold out here in these Hollywood parking lots. Just when you believe you have arrived, the right shade from the wrong person will humble you all the way back down.

While posted up at LAX’s baggage claim after a long flight in coach class this week, an over it Nene Leakes was approached by one of the Thirty Mile Zone boys.

Deciding she was too good to be bothered, the reality television star paid him in dust by staring through his soul. This confused him. And since it’s common knowledge that all Black women with blonde pixie haircuts look alike he apologized by calling her Mary J. Blige, further adding to her ire. Trap Jesus, hold my mule.

Could you image what the exchange would’ve been like if he was up on the names of past and present ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ contestants?

‘The New Normal’ Cast Honored at PaleyFest 2013

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Watch This: Jay-Z’s D’USSÉ Commercial

The silent slow motion commercial for D’Usse VSOP cognac depicting Jay-Z as a business professional unwinding from the day that was by enjoying the drink along with a fine cigar will surely resonate with a select demographic. For the rest of us hard working but hardly there yet folks its Steel Reserve 211 beer, wine flavored Black And Mild cigars and VH1 reality television programming.

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