A Gif A Day: Girl Whatever, Bye.

tumblr inline n32otkFTFB1qbqb0j A Gif A Day: Girl Whatever, Bye. tumblr inline n32otkFTFB1qbqb0j A Gif A Day: Girl Whatever, Bye.

If you are like me, you have been caught off guard a time or nine hundred giving an epic eye roll the more you are subjected to human contact, both on and off the internet.

An eye roll this severe hasn’t be administrated since Star Jones started dropping weight and snatching up all the semi-bad redbones for potential husbands by strolling outside her local Hot Topic.

Rewind: ‘Bad Girls Club’ Fuckery

If you were to compare Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club to a high school hierarchy, Flo would be the lesbian captain of the girls basketball team sitting at the head of the cafeteria table. That is all.

You Can’t Blame Diddy For This One

aubrey mess You Cant Blame Diddy For This One

Aubrey O’Day would show up to an opening of a box of Lactaid Ultra if it meant that her picture would be taken. Instead of going quietly into the night like Cheri Dennis, the former Danity Kane member is playing a terrible hand in the relevancy game by transforming herself [most noticeably face] and writing occasional blogs for Global Grind.

Girl, I guess.

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The Creole Cartel Clocks Another Victim

89260199 The Creole Cartel Clocks Another Victim

Hulk Hogan’s oldest son was scheduled to perform alongside Sean Kingston and LMFAO at Party 105′s Mega Jam Concert last week before pulling out at the last minute [now is not the time to have dick on the brain] after suffering anxiety attacks along with some other medical ailments, according to reports.

But we all know better than that.

Brooke was probably held up in her hotel room straight shook after reading all of the responses by Queen Crawfish Bisque’s throng of loyal fans after video from her little interview with DJ Whoo Kid hit the net. It’s all smiles and giggles until Mama Tina overnights a roots box straight to your front door.

We All Look Alike

look alike We All Look Alike

Well, according to Wireimage [and Getty, Wenn, Splash, and the rest of the photo agencies]. Here is Marvette Britto with some man that the agency confused with Star Jones’ ex-husband Al Reynolds at the CNN’s Black in America 2 premiere. The Real Al [A-luh, SAY IT LIKE YOU MEAN IT!] was pictured sitting alongside Monsterosa and Darryl ‘Chill’ Mitchell while promoting the TV One ‘Life After’ series at the TCA Presentation a week later.

Oh really Wireimage? Just because someone is the same skin-tone, wears glasses, and have a woman by their side that could either be their wife or 5th Avenue shopping buddy doesn’t mean that they are Al Reynolds. If you are unfamiliar with someone, just ask them who they are. Don’t get reckless when you get back to the studio and process the film with your photog buddies, and proclaim “They all look alike, so it doesn’t matter.” And how could you get those two mixed up? Al wouldn’t be caught dead in that jacket. It is so last season.

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Young Windexx Gets Off Easy

55774829kdanick717200913455pm.thumbnail Young Windexx Gets Off Easy

Boy those gangster rappers can get away with bloody murder.

MTV.com reports that window licker extraordinaire JoJo Simmons pleaded guilty to a single charge of disorderly conduct on Thursday in connection with a drug-related arrest in May.

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