People You Should Be Paying Homage To: Melinda Brown Duncan

Melinda Brown Duncan is fed the fuck up.

Foaming at the mouth as her swoop bang held back tears of its own, the Detroit resident hurled a lethal combination of curse words sure to make your forehead sweat at government officials for their inability to get the damn job done while speaking to a local news station.

Give me a project chick. Give me a hoodrat chick.

YouTube Clip of the Day

Akron, Ohio. Birthplace of LeBron James and home to America’s friendliest drunk woman. In today’s clip, your overly flirtatious Auntie Rwonmba gets taken in by the boys in blue for pissing the night away while celebrating the first blizzard of the year.

Research Confirms What You Already Knew —– Walmart Top Spot For Love Connections

If you believe in love and all that it can do for you, make it official — head down to the nearest Walmart to find your future ‘roni.

An analysis of “missed connection” posts on Craigslist found that the most popular place for people to experience love at first sight is Wally Wally Wally Wally Wally Wally World, according to Psychology Today magazine.

All the women be in Walmart, you heard me?


Researchers determined that people in over 15 states believed they found their special someone while making groceries groceries groceries groceries groceries.

Among the states that listed Walmart — Montana, Idaho, South Dakota, Arizona, Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, West Virginia, North Carolina and Ohio.

In New York, the most frequently cited spot to find a new partner for cuffing season was the subway; Californians fell for strangers at 24 Hour Fitness; whereas singles in Kansas favored McDonald’s.

In my home state of Georgia, the top spot was — wait for it — the car. That sounds more than accurate. UGK said it best, they ain’t tripping on me they want to fuck my car.

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Bobby Brown Gives Up The Wild Irish Rose

Bobby+Brown+Celebrities+Visit+SiriusXM+YdY6k748iXnl Bobby Brown Gives Up The Wild Irish Rose

Your favorite aint shit uncle, Bobby Brown, has decided to give up the devils — Hennessy, Wild Irish Rose and Cliquot.

An “extremely close” source tells TMZ that Bobby admitted himself because he realized ”he couldn’t do it on his own.”

The same source who figured if they told another dry ass line they might be able to buy a $7 bottle of Cisco, shit, maybe some Thunderbird if they’re lucky says The King of R&B “decided that he needed help and wants to make the best out of the rest of his life for his children’s sake.”

Though it has been six months since Nippy’s death it still must be a difficult time for Bobby. Let’s hope he uses this time in rehab to reflect on being the father his wife and children need him to be.

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La La Anthony Tells C+D Her Performance Wishlist For The BET Awards ’12 During Her Birthday Brunch

la la x La La Anthony Tells C+D Her Performance Wishlist For The BET Awards 12 During Her Birthday Brunch

On Friday (June 29), La La Anthony celebrated her birthday with friends at Los Angeles bistro Bagatelle at a brunch co-hosted by celebrity chef Travis Landon to kick off the BET Awards ’12 weekend.

la la brunch 3 La La Anthony Tells C+D Her Performance Wishlist For The BET Awards 12 During Her Birthday Brunch

Guest were lavished with X-Rated Fusion Liqueur speciality cocktails such as “La La’s Birthday Bellini”, “X-Rated Bubbly”, and “Red Carpet Xperience” and a catered brunch.

la la brunch1 La La Anthony Tells C+D Her Performance Wishlist For The BET Awards 12 During Her Birthday Brunch

Attendees included: singer Tamia, Eva Marcille, Young Money’s Shanell, Filthy Coupons Diddy-Dirty Money’s Kalenna, and La La’s bestie Po Johnson — who at one point during the brunch jumped behind the wheels of steel and spun some tunes.

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Back & Fourth: Mary J. Blige Is Going To College

Although “hair school” would be a more appropriate choice, Mary J. Blige announced during a recent Good Morning America appearance that she has received her high school diploma and was accepted to Howard University. Gold star for you, Willona Woods!

Fresh: Did you hear bout Mary J. Blige tolmbout she going to college to major in hood rat shit?

Justin: Seriously?

Fresh: Yup. She’s got her GED now. And she’s ready for the world. I don’t think Kendu is going to make for a good study buddy, though.

Justin: College is a great place to increase her “intelligents.”

Fresh: And don’t you “understand estimate” it. (Don’t get it? Click here)

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