Jay-Z’s Alleged Mistress Relationship Releases “Sorry Mrs. Carter” Music Video

Will you just take a look at what the flop dragged in. The woman who has been accused by gossip rags as being Jay-Z’s mistress released a new video for her single “Sorry Mrs. Carter” this week.

On the track, struggle rapper Liv maintains that although she and Hova “never screwed” that the pair “connected on some hip-hop shit.” In fact, he still thinks about the bond they once shared to this very day. How special.

The song features a gang of lazy and uninspired references to lyrics from Jay-Z’s rhyme catalog that makes the wordplay Chief Keef displayed on “Fuck Rehab” sound like it belongs on, well, a Jay-Z song. I’ll never under-appreciate your gifts ever again, Keith.

“Time to tell these young girls some real shit. Time to tell them how you became a wife. Come on now. Serfborts? Monica Lewinsky? Why don’t you tell these girls how to be wise? Why don’t you tell these girls how to act around your husband?,” Karlie Redd’s protege quips before informing listeners that “the invasion has begun.”

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Karlie Redd Says Tyler Perry Turned Her Down For Film Role Because ‘Love & Hip Hop’

karlie redd zpsff38ec98 Karlie Redd Says Tyler Perry Turned Her Down For Film Role Because Love & Hip Hop

Being the only person in history to sign the United States Declaration of Independence and appear on reality television isn’t enough to impress the likes of Tyler Perry.

One of our nation’s founding fathers, Karlie Redd, says the entertainment mogul turned her down for a film role because she’s a ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ cast member.

This still doesn’t explain why Bokeem Woodbine has yet to be cast as Ain’t Shit Nigga #1 in a movie from the ‘Madea’ franchise, but that’s a complaint for another day.

“I went for a role for a Tyler Perry film and they shot me down because I was on ‘Love & Hip Hop,’” Karlie shared with KYSDC.com. “Reality TV has been known to have a lot of drama, but like NeNe [Leakes] said, ‘it also has been a blessing.’”

Doesn’t this make you feel sad on the inside? You would think her seasoned reputation for leaking dick pictures would be enough to snag her reservations at Ty Ty’s table but nooooo. Bitches want to act brand new.

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How Dreadful: Stevie J Arrested For Owing More Than $1 Million In Child Support (Video)

steviej1 zpse6bdc3f3 How Dreadful: Stevie J Arrested For Owing More Than $1 Million In Child Support (Video)

Mimi Faust is somewhere cackling uncontrollably this afternoon. ‘Love & Hip Hop: Bowen Homes’ star Stevie J got his ass arrested for owing a boat load of child support.

Here’s what landed Stevie J behind bars. He and his live-in GF had a kid in ’97 and ’98. In ’99 Stevie was ordered to pay around $6,600 a month in child support, which eventually was raised to $8500K. According to the criminal complaint, Stevie J stopped paying in 2001 — he’s never paid a cent since then. So now the tab is a whopping $1,107,412. Cops nabbed Stevie J in Georgia. He’ll probably bail out soon but then has to face criminal charges in NYC. | TMZ

Do you have any idea how much shit you can purchase out of a Finger Hut catalog with that type of money? Roll that beautiful walk of shame bean footage after the jump.

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#IsThatYourThot: 2 Chainz Blasts Groupie For Sneaking Backstage

When Trina laid out the guidelines on how to make a come up via baller peen on “Hustling” it was up to the youth to take notes and act accordingly — but a child has been left behind and might need the each one teach one version.

After managing to sneak backstage of a 2 Chainz concert by claiming to have been invited by rapper Cap-1, one groupie’s dreams of being a future cast member of Love and Hip Hop ATL were brought to an end once the TRU University dean to ask “is this your thot?” That means “who art thou hoe” for those not fluent in the latest trap lingo.

How Dreadful: Master P’s Estranged Wife Is On Welfare

master p zps1534c283 How Dreadful: Master Ps Estranged Wife Is On Welfare

Somewhere in America this afternoon the estranged wife of Master P is playing the Waiting To Exhale soundtrack while making the final arrangements for her Love’s Hangover yard sale.

Sonya Miller has been forced to move in with her rapper / actor Romeo due to the No Limit colonel cutting her off “like a bad habit”, according to documents obtained by TMZ. Reports also claim that she is also receiving welfare.

You know, adult children are petty in 2014 or so I’ve heard. Imagine being unceremoniously booted from the family room in the middle of hosting your weekly card game night in favor of a damn Nae Nae contest. No one man should have all that power — especially one who slid out of your vagina.

Time To Downgrade From Malaysian To Beauty Supply Store Weave: Porsha Stewart Takes L In Divorce Settlement

porsha stewart zps92a1cc1b Time To Downgrade From Malaysian To Beauty Supply Store Weave: Porsha Stewart Takes L In Divorce Settlement

‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star Porsha Stewart‘s spirit could probably benefit from complete renewal by reciting the lyrics from  “Don’t Trust No Nigga” by respected literary laureate Khia right about now.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ – who I am still waiting to unearth freedom papers for Kim Zolciak’s assistant-friend-lap dog Sweetie — Porsha is walking away from her marriage to estranged husband Kordell Stewart with no house, no NFL retirement funds, no health insurance and no cash. She also has to pay her own credit card balances.

Porsha gets to keep the Mercedes, her engagement ring, and all of her other personal items.

Basically, her ass got the same severance package Birdman offered Juvenile, B.G., Turk, Mannie Fresh and every artist or producer that has ever decided to leave Cash Money Records.

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