Faces From The Milk Carton: Devante Swing Meets The Jacksons

jodeci throwback zps24b748d5 Faces From The Milk Carton: Devante Swing Meets The Jacksons

There is a ‘The Show, the After-Party, the Hotel’ joke to be made from this situation. I’m just too lazy to make it.

In a convention of caramel colored negriods who all belong on a curl activator box, Devante Swing from 90′s R&B group Jodeci took advantage of the One Dollar Trip Deal offered by Megabus to Las Vegas where he meet with the lower end Jacksons  and Flavor Flav while on tour. Jealous much?

A fan page (safe bet that the Instagram account is self run) posted footage of Devante rocking two Miss Celie inspired pigtails as he while receiving that Jackson kinda loving. Get into the moment below.

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Tweets Is Watching: Gregg Leakes Doesn’t Regret Confronting Peter Thomas

GreggLeakesShopWayRealPersonalEventeijclFF ecSl zpse6969ece Tweets Is Watching: Gregg Leakes Doesnt Regret Confronting Peter Thomas

I had just one question that required answering when Bravo gave a sneak peek look at Gregg Leakes‘ blood pressure starting to rise as he channeled his inner NeNe, leading him to shake the table on Peter Thomas because he didn’t appreciate him coming for his wife at Kenya Moore’s masquerade ball . . .

Thankfully, this week’s ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ episode showed the ladies getting there in time to help try to calm the situation before one of those men needed CPR.

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Incarcerated Scarface Says He Holds The Key To Gucci Mane’s Freedom

gucci mane Incarcerated Scarface Says He Holds The Key To Gucci Manes Freedom

Due mostly in part to it playing out like a folk rock song (think “Cat’s In The Cradle” over the “Trap House 3″ instrumental), the following post is being brought to you with limited-commentary.

It’s like the prison version of “My Cousin Vinny” — a random inmate in South Carolina has just prepared legal docs to get Gucci Mane out of jail and they’re hilarious. 51-year-old Jerry Lewis Dedrick — who’s currently locked up in a Williamsburg federal prison — has taken it upon himself to get Gucci off gun charges (without Gucci asking) filing a scribbled motion. To his credit, Dedrick has been spending a lot of time reading — not like he has other stuff to do — and claims he’s discovered the key to Gucci’s case.

Seems legit.

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Why The Internet Was Created: Watch This Toothless Man Sing “Bump ‘N Grind”

One monkey don’t stop no show.

According to internet legend, your cousins were out selling weed in the projects enjoying their afternoon when they stumbled across a local that had been practicing to become R. Kelly’s replacement on his Black Panties Tour in the event that Kellz decides to skip out on an upcoming court date

Save your best “get chose at a concert outfit from Rainbow” for another day. Enjoy this show for free. – @LitaSoFli

Just In Case You Missed It: Get It On The Floor

I’m pretty sure you all have probably already seen this video by now but I refuse to run the risk of knowing that I was not active in spreading this fuckery to the masses, so here it is again. It’s right up there with “She Da Wettest In The Building.”

For Chelshire

All I Need Is One Mic: Struggle Rapper Interrupts News Segment For A Quick Freestyle

They’re climbing in your mentions, they’re snatching your free time up.

Struggle rappers are going out of their way to prove that chill is not included with the download of their mixtape in the last quarter of 2013. I’m sure that when reporter Chris Pecker was asked to cover the street beat for KNBC in Los Angeles he didn’t expect for one of your cousins to drop in and deliver the best 10 second freestyle of this entire life. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to claim membership to the African American race with shit like this happening each day.

Now in no way, shape, or form am I trying to assert that Mr. Pecker is a racist. But the very moment that the love child of A$AP Rocky and Ab-Soul snatched the microphone away from his possession, homie sent out the industry standard “this nigga right here” vibrations to the universe.

Stunt queen, you better lose yourself in the music. The moment, you own it. You better not ever let it go! Oh, and is there really is a Church’s Chicken on Figueroa Street. You know I know.

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