Face of The Day: Roseanne

roseanne zpsa9616266 Face of The Day: Roseanne

Just like a fine bottle of Alize, white trash treasure Roseanne gets better with time.

Wearing all black and stacked in an easy access tunic top that was just waiting to be raised by a summer breeze to expose her bare backside (until she decided to wear pants) and a pair of leopard print gloves, Roseanne’s red carpet fashion statement was an understated tribute to Todd Smith. “Back seat of my jeep, let’s swing an episode.”

I advise you to watch your man while in her presence.

Back & Forth: So, Kordell Stewart And Big Tigger Went On A Date Last Week

kordell tigger1 zps70bbe551 Back & Forth: So, Kordell Stewart And Big Tigger Went On A Date Last Week

Christian: When the light skin friend in the red shirt asked if anyone had an extra pad, who offered her one first? Big Tigger or Kordell?

Fresh: Now probably wouldn’t be the best time to bring up the time that Superhead wrote about Big Tigger having blood on his sheets and a booty hole shaped like an open Red Bull tab. Would it?

Christian: I don’t see why not. Especially seeing how Miss Kordell has been asking the driver to please roll up the partition for years so that they won’t see him slurping baby batter while on his knees.

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Woman Crush Every Day: Khia Gets “Married To The Music” In New Photo Shoot

khia1 zpsf5dc1b0b Woman Crush Every Day: Khia Gets Married To The Music In New Photo Shoot

Is it’s the reach in her arms, the span of her hips, the stride of her step, or the curl of her lips? Khia is a phenomenal woman, phenomenally. You hating bitches will deal.

There hasn’t been much news to report regarding Motormouf Shamone this year, but now that she internet access thanks to a pay-as-you-go mobile hotspot all that is about to change.

khia4 zps28410870 Woman Crush Every Day: Khia Gets Married To The Music In New Photo Shoot

The Queen of The South Section 8 Living is preparing to not only drop a novel but also a new album. Say what you will, but there are enough people to fill a Howard Johnson banquet room who are brimming with excitement.

Youtube Clip of The Week: The Ying Yang Twins Evoke Epic Interpretive Dance

If it’s one thing Britney Spears has taught us it’s that white people love them some Ying Yang Twins. Somebody’s Senior Girls Scout Leader must have partaken in a little dirty Sprite with her lunch because when she heard her song she couldn’t do anything but bust it open for the nearest pimp.

And Beauty Is Her Name: Get Into Dennis Rodman’s Mug

dennis rodman make up zps6bb1f7eb And Beauty Is Her Name: Get Into Dennis Rodmans Mug

What happens when you mix Patti LaBelle circa 1980 with Juwanna Mann? You get Dennis Rodman! In Argentina on Sunday (March 30), the former NBA star was clearly running late after church and didn’t have enough time to remove his makeup before the Legends of Basketball Tour 2014 game tip-off.

I suggest Rodman quickly hit up the nearest MAC counter, Sephora, or Dwight Eubanks for tips, because having more lip liner than actual lipstick while looking like one of the Killer Klowns from Outer Space applied your makeup will not get you chose in these streets.

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Video: Naomi Campbell Doesn’t See It For Kimye’s Vogue Cover

When you can brush the hairs on the top of your scalp with the same toothbrush as your  its hard to find fucks to give about much else in life — House Mother Kanye and Kim Kardashian included.

When asked her opinion on the celebrity couple snatching the cover of Vogue’s April 2014 issue, Naomi Campbell offered a beautiful “I do not want to comment” before going into how she is a supermodel and that magazine covers should be reserved only for those seated at her lunch table. Touché.