Youtube Clip of The Week: The Ying Yang Twins Evoke Epic Interpretive Dance

If it’s one thing Britney Spears has taught us it’s that white people love them some Ying Yang Twins. Somebody’s Senior Girls Scout Leader must have partaken in a little dirty Sprite with her lunch because when she heard her song she couldn’t do anything but bust it open for the nearest pimp.

Say Something Nice About Terrence Howard’s Outfit

howard Say Something Nice About Terrence Howards Outfit

Something Nice: This is the self-assured smirk of someone who knows the benefits of vaginal rejuvenation first hand.

Slickback Ivanhoe was photographed taking a break from filming ‘Wayward Pines’ in Vancouver, Canada on Friday (August 23). It’s hard for me to distinguish whether he is still in costume or not, so I will leave the floor open for all forms of shade. You know how he gets fresh for these hoes on a regular day.

No really though, he needs to participate in that What’s In My Bag tag on YouTube.

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Everybody Loves The Sunshine: Jermaine Jackson Out To Lunch With Wife

jj2 Everybody Loves The Sunshine: Jermaine Jackson Out To Lunch With Wife

If when you think of freshly laid hair and perky bosoms, and Jermaine Jackson isn’t the first person to come to mind, you should seriously consider re-evaluating your views on life. Get yourself right. I just want to know if the velvetey-feel of the curtains match the drapes.

Everyone’s favorite Jackson — after Michael, Janet, Rebbie and maybe LaToya — was spotted taking in the sunshine with wife Halima Rashid out to lunch in Calabasas, California on Thursday (August 22).

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Boys Dem Sugar: EJ Johnson Is Poetry In Motion

ej johnson Boys Dem Sugar: EJ Johnson Is Poetry In Motion

Save the fairy tales, fallacies and falsehoods.

Instead of falling victim to the trend of using the social media bio as the written introduction into a world that leaves the chicks on Lipstick Alley desperately seeking receipts on, EJ Johnson stands as a pillar of truth.

“Dear Twitter, I am fierce royalty and you better recognize,” he writes with an invisible pink gel pen. “The concrete is my runway. Forever fierce forever fabulous forever flawless.”

I just want to press up against him from the back and hum a Donny Hathaway song in his ear.

For Nakia | Photo courtesy TheRunDown.TV

People You Should Be Paying Homage To: Connie, She Who Keeps Her Panty Clean

Before Joseline Hernandez and Tiffany “New York” Pollard graced their ways into the spotlight by sucking dick for a swig of King Cobra malt liquor, there was Queen Connie shaking her ass inside a Crooklyn bodega right next to the Potato Buds and Bisquick (when it only came in the box). Do you keep your panty clean?


Black Music Month Spotlight: Get Nasty With Lucille Bogan

If you thought that bragging on the 32 flavors of your juice box was a great creation of this generation then think again. Before Trina was found in a strip club and Khia was accidentally created due to Jack Daniels and an expired condom, there was the Grandmother of Coochie slanging herself: Lucille Bogan.

Born April 1, 1897 in Amory, Mississippi (I’m sure plenty of you have cousins or great uncles near there you owe a phone call), Lucille shows how Harriet Tubman was able to keep control of all those runaway slaves on the Underground Railroad.

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