Girls All Pause: Tevin Campbell Books A Stage

tevin1 zps2a8a2a60 Girls All Pause: Tevin Campbell Books A Stage

Not up for debate: Tevin Campbell floating across the entry way at Bishop Eddie Long’s condo like a dream sequence in a Spike Lee film is arguably one of the greatest moments in Crunkland history. Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess.

Over the weekend, Little T took to the stage at B.B. King Blues Club & Grill in New York City to perform career classics like “Can We Talk” and “Round And Round” on Sunday (June 15). This is the real thing.

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Face of The Day: Not A Stain On Me

face of the day zps4056e29f Face of The Day: Not A Stain On Me

While it is my belief that women of a certain age should never use elements found in nature for props during impromptu photo shoots, there are times in life when you just can’t let a good outfit and a tree stump go to waste.

The Face of The Day (you anonymous Woman Crush Wednesday, you) is sponsored by somebody’s stunting ass auntie who just knew the girls down at the bingo couldn’t take her new hair rinse and Atlanta Falcons tribute slingback wedges. Take a deep breath, pinch your nose, and dive in.

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Afternoon Snack: Al Reynolds

165119849 zps9462ab55 Afternoon Snack: Al Reynolds

In his quest to land a cover of Hype Hair magazine, esteemed zestlemen Al Reynolds is trying to take Deaconess McDaniels’ signature part and curl mainstream in 2014. Pay homage to a queen that goes the extra mile, folks.

How did we even arrive at this magical moment? Well, magical things occur when boredom and curiosity collide.

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Spotted: EJ Johnson Being A Bad Bitch While Out At Lunch With Friends

ej johnson1 zpscd4f1a1d Spotted: EJ Johnson Being A Bad Bitch While Out At Lunch With Friends

Nobody ever said that life as a bad bitch would be easy, but keeping a gag-inducing designer handbag within arm’s reach makes it all worth it. Your favorite plus size Instagram fashionista could possibly never.

EJ Johnson was photographed out to lunch with friends on Wednesday (May 21).

The social media savvy socialite recently inked a new deal with E! to return to the network’s series ‘Rich Kids of Beverly Hills’ for its second season and is expected to play a larger role this time around. Deadline reports that he “will also showcase his fashion expertise” with appearances on a variety of the network’s programs, including ‘Fashion Police’ and E! News.

ej johnson3 zps2772bdb4 Spotted: EJ Johnson Being A Bad Bitch While Out At Lunch With Friends

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Youtube Clip of The Week: The Ying Yang Twins Evoke Epic Interpretive Dance

If it’s one thing Britney Spears has taught us it’s that white people love them some Ying Yang Twins. Somebody’s Senior Girls Scout Leader must have partaken in a little dirty Sprite with her lunch because when she heard her song she couldn’t do anything but bust it open for the nearest pimp.

Say Something Nice About Terrence Howard’s Outfit

howard Say Something Nice About Terrence Howards Outfit

Something Nice: This is the self-assured smirk of someone who knows the benefits of vaginal rejuvenation first hand.

Slickback Ivanhoe was photographed taking a break from filming ‘Wayward Pines’ in Vancouver, Canada on Friday (August 23). It’s hard for me to distinguish whether he is still in costume or not, so I will leave the floor open for all forms of shade. You know how he gets fresh for these hoes on a regular day.

No really though, he needs to participate in that What’s In My Bag tag on YouTube.

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