Quick Quotes: Brandy Reveals Her Promise To Whitney Houston And Small Screen Desires

brandy1 Quick Quotes: Brandy Reveals Her Promise To Whitney Houston And Small Screen Desires

Before Brandy snatched every lacefront in sight with her upbeat tribute to Whitney Houston at the BET Awards ’12 on Sunday night she worked the network’s radio room.

While chatting with Cleveland’s Z107.9 she explained why she took on the role of Chardonnay on BET’s scripted hit show ‘The Game’ saying, “When you’re coming back and trying to get your feet wet again, you don’t want to do the same stuff. People want to see you challenge yourself.”

Brandy And Lauren London Present At The BET Awards ’12

Read on for more quotes from the singer.

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Mindless Bebe’s Kids Apologize For Lauryn Hill Joke At BET Awards ’12

Image15 Mindless Bebes Kids Apologize For Lauryn Hill Joke At BET Awards 12

Ray Ray and the other junior thin mints of Mindless Behavior called into 106 & Porch on Monday (June 2) to apologize for their joke at the expense of Lauryn Hill‘s current tax woes while co-presenting the award for Best Female R&B Artists with Mike Epps at the BET Awards ’12.

bey awards Mindless Bebes Kids Apologize For Lauryn Hill Joke At BET Awards 12

“You sing bad — like Lauryn Hill’s tax accountant bad,” one of Bebe’s Kids quipped to Mike Epps poking fun at the comedian’s singing.

And then, crickets.

“I want to apologize about the Lauryn Hill joke.  I didn’t mean no harm by it. I hope everyone can forgive me. It was like a big thing on Twitter and everything, so I truly apologize. I respect Lauryn Hill and all of them like that,” said Ray Ray the following day in the group’s phone call to the countdown show.

“All of them like that.” Chile, let me leave that one alone. Here’s my two cents: More than likely someone else — specifically an adult hired by BET to write scripts for presenters – is to blame for that tacky ass joke. But I could be wrong. You know kids are ratchet as shit these days.

Still, I’m assuming their manager gave the joke the greenlight. Too many questions, comments and concerns. All I want to know is this: are we officially hiding behind kids now? I’ve got a lot of mess that I would like to get off my chest if that’s the case.

A source tells TMZ that Beyonce, who ultimately won the award, was pissed over the comments.

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Casket Sharp At The BET Awards ’12: Busta Rhymes and Porscha Coleman

casket sharp Casket Sharp At The BET Awards 12: Busta Rhymes and Porscha Coleman

While the red carpet at the BET Awards ’12 had a good amount of hits there were also a fair share of misses in the form of fashion fuckery. Your famous and no-so-famous kinfolks still do not understand the concept behind dressing themselves — especially for awards shows. But that’s a rant for another day.

C+D’s top honors for Worst Dressed Male goes to the African American version of the Incredible Hulk, Busta Rhymes.

Busta deserved every bit of the star-spangled banner Twitter shade he garnered when he appeared to present an award looking like a 3-month-pregnant Serena Williams wearing one of Big Sean’s ill fitting tanks. Sir, aren’t you someone’s daddy? Stop shopping at Forever 21.

As for the fairer sex Porsha Coleman (We’ll wait while you Google this girl, we had to do the same) gets our vote for Worst Dressed Female.

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Soulja Boy And Diamond Show Plenty of PDA During BET Awards ’12 — Plus More Red Carpet Couples

sb di Soulja Boy And Diamond Show Plenty of PDA During BET Awards 12    Plus More Red Carpet Couples

Until Momma Dee decides the time is right to come out of retirement as a pimp and put Atlanta rapper Diamond back on the track for breaking the heart of son Lil’ Scrappy, we will be forced to take in her um relationship with Soulja Boy. Hood Love was in the air last night at the BET Awards ’12.

No word on if Ms. 32 Flavors’ car was repossessed again.

We’re going to skimp on the De’Andre shade today since he looked like he took a bath (yet miraculously skipped his fingernails) for the event and shed tattoo tears during the moving Whitney Houston tribute as he reflected on the recent loss of his younger brother in a fatal car accident.

Check out more red carpet couples below including Monica and husband Shannon Brown and Flo Rida and Melyssa Ford (girl whatever).

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New Video: I Am Me – Willow Smith

willow jaden1 New Video: I Am Me   Willow Smith
The shade was thick when Willow Smith visited the BET Awards ’12 pre-show to drop off her new video, “I Am Me.”

Dressed in the finest threads from the King Latifah Stud Collection for Juniors, the young Smith plays a $25 piano while sitting in the middle of a street sing about some metaphoric shit I would only be able to pick up on if I was in the 5th grade again for the new clip.

She also pays homage to Sweet Brown and makes it be known she follows the YOLO movement. Say what you will, but I still think the micro-glowstick carrier should just sign up for the flag football team this fall and continue pretending to be Arthur the Aardvark away from the spotlight.

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BET Awards ’12: Check Out The Red Carpet Fashions

red carp BET Awards 12: Check Out The Red Carpet Fashions

It was First Sunday and guess how a few popular members of the Black community decided to celebrate? By putting on their best duds from H&M and BCBG to attend the BET Awards ’12. If you are familiar with the BET Awards, you know that the dress code is pretty much, no shoes, no pants, no problem. Check out the gallery below and get into these casket sharp fashions.

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