News Break: Woman Arrested 3 Times In 48 Hours For Prostitution

sell that ass News Break: Woman Arrested 3 Times In 48 Hours For Prostitution

Whoever said “Damn baby pussy can’t be your only hustle, unless you bad as Naomi Russell” with a straight face deserves to be tea bagged.

Instead of saluting her entrepreneurial spirit (after all, that new window air conditioning unit isn’t going to pay for itself) Memphis Police arrested Tangalletta Andrew three times in 48 hours on charges of prostitution last week. I’m so checking in a hotel under that name the future and will have to insist that you do the same.

Anyway, less than 24 hours after being arrested for pedaling punani and subsequently posting $100 bond, the 25-year-old and the delicious golden raisin sprouting under her nose was back in the Shelby County Jail on another prostitution charge. Once again, she bonded out. And once again, Talladega was picked up for having a red tag sale on her labia and tonsils.

Her resiliency is very reminiscent of Mitch’s love for the dope game in the movie ‘Paid In Full’, no?

But bad things happen when you allow the Trina station on Pandora Radio to act as a moral compass. Very bad things. Watch the news report below.

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And We Still Don’t Care: Lil Twist Was Arrested For DUI Last Week. Here’s My Delayed Reaction.

lil twist one And We Still Dont Care: Lil Twist Was Arrested For DUI Last Week. Heres My Delayed Reaction.

Suffering the fate of other artists who are signed to Young Money Records (anyone remember Gudda Gudda?) many have found other means to remain relevant — and being the person responsible for picking up Cheri Dennis from her overnight shifts at Walmart on weekday mornings.

Described accurately as shit as “Justin Bieber’s lackey” by TMZ, rapper Lil Twist was arrested for a DUI in Calabasas, California last week.

Caught out there on a scrub mission in his best friend’s ride, the 20-year old rapper whose government name is Christopher Lynn Moore (I see a career as an assistant principal in his future) was pulled over during peek booty call hours while on the way to drop off Justin’s car.

Law officiers claimed that the rapper seemed to be under the influence but not drunk. Seems like another example of “arrested for being irrelevant” to me.

The Real Housewives of Instagram: Kenya Moore’s Man Walter Jackson Just Isn’t That Into Her

kenya moore1 The Real Housewives of Instagram: Kenya Moores Man Walter Jackson Just Isnt That Into Her

‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ newbie Kenya Moore has spent most of her on-camera time this season violently shaking a Magic 8-Ball in hopes that ‘Love, Marriage And Baby Carriage’ pops up. Well, homegirl may want to create a Black People Meet profile and call it a day.

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Turn On The Lights: Pilar Sanders’ Electricity Shut Off For Non-Payment

pilar1 Turn On The Lights: Pilar Sanders Electricity Shut Off For Non Payment

Pilar Sanders was forced to pack up her workout clothes and colored contact lens supply and move out of her place of residence after her electricity and gas were shut off for non-payment. See what happens when you spend all of your unemployment check popping bottles in the club?

According to her publicist, Pilar — who is currently embroiled in a nasty divorce with estranged husband Deion Sanders –  is having a hard time making ends meet.

The former NFL star also recently filed to have his $10,500 a month child support order lowered, even though Pilar claims he hasn’t paid for dime to her as of yet. Her attorneys have also filed an emergency request for Deion to continue with his support payments.

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VH1 Pulls The Plug On ‘Ev And Ocho’ Reality Show

ev chad11 VH1 Pulls The Plug On Ev And Ocho Reality Show

You’ve got to give it to Chad Johnson on remaining true to his word. On the season premiere episode of HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks: Miami Dolphins’ the 34-year-old wide receiver vowed to director of security for the Miami Dolphins Stu Weinstein that he would be arrested.

“Stu, I promise I’m getting arrested when we’re off,” Johnson jokingly said on camera. Weinstein responded to Johnson’s claims by saying, “Call me I’ll come get you.”

I told you not to trust people whose teeth were whiter than their eyeballs.

Johnson was arrested after police found wife Evelyn Lozada with lacerations on her forehead. She told police that she confronted her husband after finding a receipt for condoms in their car, which turned into a heated argument.  She later fled to a neighbor’s house, where she called 911.

Evelyn Lozada Promotes Her Book ‘The Wives Association: The Inner Circle’

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Watch This: Sonic And Tails Say Goodbye To 106 & Park

Image1 Watch This: Sonic And Tails Say Goodbye To 106 & Park

A check was a check.Terrence J and Rocsi, longstanding host of BET’s 106 & Porch, announced their departure from the music video countdown show on yesterday.

Don’t cry for them, Argentina.

Terrence J raised speculation that he had already moved on to his next hosting gig after tweeting out a photo standing alongside Giuliana Rancic on the set of E! News. Meanwhile, Rocsi has assumed a position as a professional beard for Eddie Murphy will relocate to the west coast to pursue a career in Hollywood.

“After an amazing seven years of being on this show, we have decided together that we will be soon leaving 106 and Park as your hosts,” started Terrence J. “This by no stretch of the imagination has been an easy decision, but it’s the right one. And it has come after a lot of prayer, a lot of thought and a lot of consideration.”

“We are humbled at the opportunity to be a part of your lives,” he added, assuring fans that “we have a huge farewell show coming for you guys. We’re going to be leaving with a bang.”

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