Trick Daddy On The Pleasures Of Booty Munching: ‘If You Won’t Eat Your Girl’s Ass I Will’

A poem I wrote for you: Collard greens, neckbones. Trick Daddy will chew your ass. Both hole inspection, won’t stop until he pass!

The leader of the Eat-A-Booty Gang recently explained to VladTV how he gets his recommended daily servings of vegetables by tossing salads. Having recently retired from eating pussy (no word on how that pension plan is set up), Uncle Trick wants all you lovely ladies to know that if your dude won’t eat your ass, he got you.

Is there any shame in his ass munching game? Nope! Having the electricity turned on in his name since age two and being a proud descendant of slaves, it will take more then a few shots at Trick’s love of ass to bring his spirits down.

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Tweets Is Watching: Azealia Banks Apologizes For Past Homophobic Slurs

az1 zpsfe0fa414 Tweets Is Watching: Azealia Banks Apologizes For Past Homophobic Slurs

When you are known for your lack of edges and for beefing with the likes of Iggy Azeala and Lily Allen, there isn’t much in your career you can hold onto before finally crashing to your knees and begging Trap God for forgiveness, mercy and relevancy.

After being spotted at LA Pride dressed as a Sailor Scout from Brooklyn (I peeped those cocaine white Forces, you fashionista you), Azealia Banks took to Twitter to issue an apology to the LGBTQ community for dropping homophobic slurs in the past.

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The “Say Something Nice” Challenge: Watch Joseline Hernandez’s New Music Video

The Puerto Rican Princess is here to take over the summer! For ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ star Joseline Hernandez the new American Dream includes taking bubble baths inside a rented mansion and posting up in said crib with a gang of thug niggas. Watch The Baddest Boosh go to work in the new music video for her song “Been Getting Money” by pressing play.


Yes, You Care: Wendy Williams Plans To ‘Eat Crow’ If Kim And Kanye’s Marriage Last 73 Days

168496616 Yes, You Care: Wendy Williams Plans To Eat Crow If Kim And Kanyes Marriage Last 73 Days

Wendy Williams congratulated Kim Kardashian on her engagement to HMK during her Hot Topics segment this morning, reminding viewers she will go through with her plan to eat crow should their marriage last longer than the 72 days that she was married to NBA player Kris Humphries.

And then her team sent out a press release, making it more about her stunt queen antics and less about them. Well played, Mr. Wendell.

“I don’t know anything about a date, but I do know what I said and I’m gonna stick to it,” she said. “I’ve always said that Kim and Kanye will never get married. And I said, if they do get married, I will eat crow. Right here, on this show. I’m a woman of my word.”

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Watch: Wendy Williams Bursts Into Tears After Stuttering On Camera

wendy Watch: Wendy Williams Bursts Into Tears After Stuttering On Camera

Although most viewers more than likely probably didn’t catch the moment, during a recent taping of ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ the talk show host stumbled over her words while chatting with an audience member during the Ask Wendy segment of the show.

Later in an After Show episode, the Stunt Queen of All Media broke down in tears over the flub. Dry your eyes, Wendell. It’s really all okay.

“If I hadn’t eaten breakfast, I would’ve said it was because I was hungry. But I started to feel weird out there. First time this ever happened. I felt really, really weird today,” explained Williams tearfully.

“I’m a pretty clean talker that stuttering happens to once, it happens twice. After a few times I’m looking at me.’What are you having, a stroke?’ I was doing my best to hold myself together.”

On The Purple Carpet At The ‘NickMom’ Panel Discussion 

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Save It For Someone Else: Ciara Is Over Your Shade

ciara lover Save It For Someone Else: Ciara Is Over Your Shade

Ciara is out chea staying prayed up for Jesus, laid up with Future and booking stages at senior luncheons and gay pride events but that doesn’t mean she is too busy to shimmy down from her pedestal and tweef with us regular folks. Which is great because if you remove the element of social media would she really exist? Stop, think about it.

Of course she would! Being the First Lady of Greenbriar Mall is a high ranking position. That unneccessary ass question is an example of the type of shit homegirl is tired of encountering when she checks in on Twitter — and last night she had enough.

After being cyber bullied in these tweets by one of your bored at work cousins, CiBandz fought back by subtweeting the account and shading the user’s avatar picture on her Instagram account. Save these antics for Facebook folks.

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