Reality Rewind: Two Grandmothers Fight Inside Maternity Ward

Nothing good ever comes from venturing on the “other” side of YouTube yet I can never resist temptation. Blame my inner coon.

After watching videos of your cousins fighting in the most unfortunate of places (welfare office, church parking lot following a funeral and Pathmark just to name a few) I came across the above video clip from the reality series ‘One Born Every Minute’ featuring two grandmothers throwing ‘bows following the birth of their grandchild. Not Frankie and Momma Dee play fighting, but I’ll be waiting in front of your house when you come home tonight with Vaseline smeared across my face seeking vengeance fighting.

And Jesus wept.

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Skeet Or Delete: Azealia Banks – Van Vogue

We need 5,000 CC’s of Isoplus, stat! Your least favorite fire starter Azealia Banks has dropped new visuals for “Van Vogue” off her EP that nobody bought because we were too busy downloading ‘Life Is Good’  ’1991′. In the video she’s rocking a deep red bold lip, but the edges are on standby. Skeet or delete?

Update: Well, it’s looking like a delete for now! Much like Azealia’s edges the video has been snatched.

Quick Quotes: The-Dream Says Black People Can’t Do Soul Records Any More

the dream Quick Quotes: The Dream Says Black People Cant Do Soul Records Any MorePetite Persuasion (aka The-Dream) was already coerced to delete his Twitter once after causing a scene… but I digress.

After his mentions crashed and burned early Monday morning following an interview with The Guardian UK where he said, ‘Blacks can’t do soul records any more,’ Dream tweeted a 4-Page letter to dig himself out it. Get your life from this snippet:

“…Why we have 18 songs about racks vs 1 song abt love and adele sings that ONE! ? Its really simple. We don’t support Black music we support the popular which is fine with me I can have it either way……… But to act like I don’t know the struggle when it comes to Black artist turning in Soul records is absolutely preposterous! Come on man! Its easy to say what I say is crazy , but you can’t prove me wrong, esp when I’m here , in the trenches. Silly people!”

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Rewind: House Mother Kanye Omari Gives Works For SNL

House Mother Kanye Omari left no cunty stone unturned during both of his performances on Saturday Night Live. And honestly, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

We are all witnesses. *LeBron powder clap*

Always the respectable house guest, Mr. West replaced his ‘fuck SNL and the whole cast’ mean girl verse with brand new bars during his performance of “Power” before abruptly Leyomi dropping to the ground like he was at a Latex Ball.

Visit Mr. World Premiere to check out Pusha T’s skinny braids and other greatness.

Teyana Taylor, Ne-Yo, and Omarion Check Out The-Dream’s Highline Ballroom Performance

dream1 2 Teyana Taylor, Ne Yo, and Omarion Check Out The Dreams Highline Ballroom Performance

Backed by a troop of professional vagina thrusters, an ill fitted jacket wearing Teddy Ruxpin hit the stage at New York City’s Highline Ballroom on Thursday night to perform a melody of off- pitched screeching before debuting his next single “Sex Intelligent.” Get a glimpse of the fireworks below.

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