Trick Daddy On The Pleasures Of Booty Munching: ‘If You Won’t Eat Your Girl’s Ass I Will’

A poem I wrote for you: Collard greens, neckbones. Trick Daddy will chew your ass. Both hole inspection, won’t stop until he pass!

The leader of the Eat-A-Booty Gang recently explained to VladTV how he gets his recommended daily servings of vegetables by tossing salads. Having recently retired from eating pussy (no word on how that pension plan is set up), Uncle Trick wants all you lovely ladies to know that if your dude won’t eat your ass, he got you.

Is there any shame in his ass munching game? Nope! Having the electricity turned on in his name since age two and being a proud descendant of slaves, it will take more then a few shots at Trick’s love of ass to bring his spirits down.

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