Jay-Z’s Alleged Mistress Relationship Releases “Sorry Mrs. Carter” Music Video

Will you just take a look at what the flop dragged in. The woman who has been accused by gossip rags as being Jay-Z’s mistress released a new video for her single “Sorry Mrs. Carter” this week.

On the track, struggle rapper Liv maintains that although she and Hova “never screwed” that the pair “connected on some hip-hop shit.” In fact, he still thinks about the bond they once shared to this very day. How special.

The song features a gang of lazy and uninspired references to lyrics from Jay-Z’s rhyme catalog that makes the wordplay Chief Keef displayed on “Fuck Rehab” sound like it belongs on, well, a Jay-Z song. I’ll never under-appreciate your gifts ever again, Keith.

“Time to tell these young girls some real shit. Time to tell them how you became a wife. Come on now. Serfborts? Monica Lewinsky? Why don’t you tell these girls how to be wise? Why don’t you tell these girls how to act around your husband?,” Karlie Redd’s protege quips before informing listeners that “the invasion has begun.”

rbp Jay Zs Alleged Mistress Relationship Releases Sorry Mrs. Carter Music Video

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