12 Trill Moments From Baddie Winkle’s Instagram Account

We interrupt your sick celebrity obsession to bring you someone actually worth giving a damn about.

I’m still not sure actually how I stumbled across this delicate flower’s social media profiles this week but let’s not get caught up in the details. With the tagline “stealing your man since 1928, 86-year-young Baddie Winkle is the woman I one day aspire to become. Here’s your invitation to fall in love:

1. I’m A Survivor

2. Can’t See The Haters

3. Trying To Live A Little Longer

4. I Think The Shirt Says It All

5. Life Alert: Caught The Feelings

6. #IWokeUpLikeThis

7. On My Way To Steal Your Man

8. Pop, Lock, N’ Drop It

9. Forget Your Bad Vibes

10. Keeping It Real

11. Bye Basics

12. Chief Slap A Ho