Sorry Beloved: Oprah Gives Ex-Stepmom 60 Days To Vacate

lady o zpsafdec58b Sorry Beloved: Oprah Gives Ex Stepmom 60 Days To Vacate

After successful removing neck bones and scalloped potatoes from her daily diet, kicking her former step mother to the curb is slight work for Oprah Winfrey. 

Barbara Winfrey, 66, who is divorced from Lady O’s father, Vernon Winfrey, now has two months to leave the $1.4 million Laurelbrooke home the media mogul purchased for her father and step mother after they married in 2001.

If you have any coupons for a moving company or cousins who own a pick-up truck send them Bab’s way.

Since Barbara was divorced from Vernon late last year, Oprah’s attorneys have tried to make her leave the $1.4 million home in Nashville. Oprah offered Barbara a new house elsewhere in Nashville, but Barbara stayed put, USA Today reports. The property feud was sorted in court this week when Oprah decided to follow the judge’s recommendation and give Barbara an extension before evicting her from the house.

According to Barbara, the offer of a new house also included her having to sign a confidentiality agreement about her iconic former stepdaughter, which she refused to do.