The Queen Has Spoken: Tiny Addresses Divorce And Plastic Surgery Rumors on The Wendy Williams Show

National Treasure of The Trap, TamekaTiny” Harris, stopped by The Wendy Williams Show on Tuesday (March 25) to promote the new season of her hit VH1 reality show ‘T.I. & Tiny: A Family Hustle’ and put a few of you hoes in check who have made its your life’s mission to fuck up her good name.

It’s not easy being the prized swine of a man’s eye. During their chat, Tiny admitted to Wendell that her rump shaker was “a little bought” and also revealed that she also had her breasts enhanced. But mama ain’t raise no fool. Not one to mess with perfection, Tiny made it clear that she is not touching her nose because it’s the same as her father’s.

And for you hating hoes who believe the rumors that she and T.I. aren’t living happily together try again.  ”We argue all the time, though. We had this one big fallout about the Grammys,” she told Wendell. “It just lingered on and it got bigger . . . We’re still together, there’s no divorce. We’re normal. We go through the same thing that every marriage goes through.”

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