Today’s Daily Tang Multivitamin Is Sponsored By Dunkin Donuts

Finally, a song that encompasses my inner most feelings about the most important element of the Luther Burger!

Dunkin Donuts enthusiasts Reggie White and Adrian Anchondo profess their undying love for all of the confectionary masterpieces the company has to offer in their “Dunkin Love” music video, a parody of Queen Creole’s inescapable hit song.

‘When the Beyonce visual album came out, we did what any self-respecting gays would do — we had a viewing party,” Anchondo told NewNowNext. “Reggie came over and we basically screamed, cried, fondled, laughed and threw shade for an hour or so. I thought, why not do a video parody? It fits with the song.”

Press play and prepare to sing “coffee on ice, coffee on ice” for the remainder of the day!