Style File: Jason Collins’ Jersey Becomes Top Seller On

jason collins Style File: Jason Collins Jersey Becomes Top Seller On

Don’t be surprised if your favorite stud rapper (I’m looking at you, Da Brat) pops up rocking a Jason Collins jersey in their latest misogyny-ladden music video. It’s a hot item.

NBA Senior Vice President for licensing and business affairs Vicky Picca announced on Tuesday (February 25) that Collins’ No. 98 Brooklyn Nets uniform is the top-seller on, besting the likes of LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin. ”Jason Collins’ return to the league represents a historic moment, and fans continue to show their support by (buying) Jason’s jersey,” said Picca.

The 13-year league veteran — who became first openly gay man to play in the NBA  last week – plans to wear No. 98 starting tonight against the Trail Blazers as a tribute to Matthew Shepard, who was murdered in 1998 because he was gay.

Judy Shepard, who runs a foundation in her son’s name and became an advocate for gay rights, is touched that Collins is keeping her son’s legacy alive. “It’s really exciting,” she said. “I’m really excited for him. Super excited for him.”

collins jersey Style File: Jason Collins Jersey Becomes Top Seller On


“To bring Matt’s story into it, to continue to keep Matt’s story out there, it reminds people that this is the kind of thing that happens and is still happening, even if we don’t read about it like we used to. It is still happening. We just have to be conscious of it and we just need to be kind to each other. How hard is that?”