Real Life ‘Baby Boy’ Moment: Tyrese Denied Visitation With Daughter

tyrese cops Real Life Baby Boy Moment: Tyrese Denied Visitation With Daughter

In the esteemed words of Lil Boosie, “baby mama, baby mama, I’m tired of you.

The drama between Tyrese and his ex-wife Norma Gibson attracted the attention of cops after the bumper sticker wisdom guru was denied visitation with his 6-year-old daughter this week.

Norma pull the plug on allowing the child to leave with Tyrese because she was sick, according to TMZ. Police had to be called to the North Hollywood residence where they spoke to the 35-year-old singer. He eventually agreed to leave without the child.

However, a representative for Black Ty paints a different picture.

“Norma Gibson, Tyrese’s ex-wife, denied him a court custodial order with their daughter Shayla on Feb. 11, 2014,” the rep for the ‘Fast & Furious’ star said in a statement to media outlets. “Tyrese arrived to pick up Shayla and was denied access by her mother. Mr. Gibson called the police to the scene, and Mrs. Gibson called TMZ.”

tyrese shayla Real Life Baby Boy Moment: Tyrese Denied Visitation With Daughter

The rep noted that Tyrese’s issues with his ex have been going on for some time. “Sadly, this is not the first time this has happened,” the rep said. “This has been an ongoing saga.”

If you thought that Tyrese was going to let this stunt go unpunished you must not know the fury of a chocolate man with light skin tendencies. He’s going to court to ask a judge to hold Norma in contempt and throw her in jail for violating the custody order. He does not believe his child was sick and thinks it’s all just revenge.

“Tyrese filed a 730 [custody] evaluation with the courts in 2013, and the family will face a court-sanctioned evaluation this month,” the rep explained.

“Hopefully this will end this ridiculous feud and Shayla can return to a comfortable environment.” - @SirRatchettness