K. Michelle Wants You To Know That You Can’t Raise A Man In ‘Under The Dryer’ Series

k michelle K. Michelle Wants You To Know That You Cant Raise A Man In Under The Dryer Series

Did you let out a huge sigh of relief this week upon receiving your employee schedule and seeing that you had to work on Valentine’s Day this year? If that was the case, I’m positive K. Michelle and her rebellious hips to waist ratio have a few words of encouragement for you, seeing how she is single again. Catch the Trina homage folks.

In her YouTube series Under The Dryer, the reality star makes a visit to one of the beauty shop not featured on ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ to explore the typical “these dudes be acting up because y’all Instagram models be letting them” dialogue and other unchose baby mama woes with salon patrons.

Spoiler alert! If you are looking for Eve to come out and cuss everybody out about drinking her apple juice then the below clips for you. - @SirRatchettness