Watch Tyrese’s Audition Tape For ‘Django Unchained’

Having successfully parlayed his bumper sticker wisdom into several best-selling books and keeping busy while making his rounds across the country with TGT in support of their album ‘Hey, Put Your Mama On The Phone’ it’s almost easy to forget that Tyrese is also an actor.

Audition videos are unfair. We normally see them long after we’ve known that the actor showcased in them didn’t receive the part. So we’re left to watch the clip and judge what the performer did wrong – or improperly – so as not to get the role they so desperately wanted. We all know, for example, that Jamie Foxx played escaped-slave Django in Quentin Tarantino’s Oscar-winning revisionist Western Django Unchained. But the part might have gone to Tyrese Gibson, of Fast & Furious fame. The Web site World Star Hip Hop has the exclusive video of an “intense” audition reel Tyrese recorded. They don’t mention where it cam from, but the clip gives us a six-minute monologue of Gibson in period garb in a room that establishes the locale of Tarantino’s movie. | CinemaBlend