Spotted: Fantasia Hits The Scene In New York City

fantasia Spotted: Fantasia Hits The Scene In New York City

 Fantasia looked at her reflection in the mirror and said “I am the hope and the dream of the baby mama” before stepping out to attend the Sports Illustrated & Jaguar Super Saturday event over the weekend.

It would probably be in Aunt Bunny’s best interest to keep her niece away from all T-Mobile stores and their respective managers.

Recently, the ‘After Midnight’ broadway star revealed that she is using the many life lessons she has learned through since winning ‘American Idol’ — including financial woes, an attempted suicide, abortion, and highly publicized affair — to mentor youth on making better decisions.

“We did something in Radio Shack, and I was speaking to a lot of the young people that [came] through the line. I always end up preaching to them,” Fantasia shared during a visit at The Today Show last month. “I know my story and I know how easily you can go down the wrong path of trying to fit or just trying to do things that you know you’re not supposed to do. I always share my story just to say, ‘You know, we fall down, but we get back up.”