Quick Quotes: Pam Oliver Doesn’t Purposely Show Up At Work Looking Like Wanda In “Holiday Heart” . . . It Just Sorta Happens That Way

poor pam oliver Quick Quotes: Pam Oliver Doesnt Purposely Show Up At Work Looking Like Wanda In Holiday Heart . . . It Just Sorta Happens That Way

Fox Sports reporter Pam Oliver is a class act. Instead of taking the opportunity to let freedom ring by calling your ain’t shit cousins who unceremoniously lampooned her sideline struggle sew-in at the NFC Championship a bunch of shiftless fuck niggas, she is taking the route less traveled: the higher road. Clap for her.

“It’s the psychology of it that I want to understand,” Oliver told Philly.com columnist Jenice Armstrong during a recent phone conversation. “It’s comical. This whole thing is just comical.”

“I do my own hair and makeup – insert joke here,” she explained. “I’m up early. I’m at the stadium about 4 hours before the game, just going over some last-minute stuff and then waiting for some players to come out, which is generally 2 hours before the game.”

“You’re out there, trying a to catch players, get some last-minute stuff, get your reports turned around quickly, and I may or may not have time to put on lip gloss or powder my face,” Oliver said, adding that she doesn’t have hair stylists and makeup artists with her on game day.

“I know TV is a visual medium, but there are times when you kind of hope that people are listening to what you’re saying as opposed to judging you if a strand of hair is not in place or if you have only got one eye lined or something. That’s naive of me. I get it. But there are times I get so tunnel-visioned and focused on what I’m doing to the point of maybe letting that other stuff fall by the wayside. It’s not intentional. You want to look your best on TV.”