Momma Joyce: Todd Loves Himself More Than He Does Kandi

kandi todd Momma Joyce: Todd Loves Himself More Than He Does Kandi

The last video game I remotely cared anything about was NBA Jam, yet I have the overwhelming need to put this request out to the universe: Momma Joyce should voice a character on Grand Theft Auto 6. Feel free to touch and agree with me on Twitter.

But I digress.

While taking a brief sabbatical from living life as if it were the track listing of Crime Mob’s debut album, Momma Joyce gave In Touch magazine yet another reason why daughter Kandi Burruss is making a mistake with her plans to wed fiancé Todd Tucker.

“Kandi’s on one page, and Todd is on his page,” Joyce tells the publication, noting that Kandi originally had her heart set on a Valentine’s Day ceremony. “Kandi is in love — and Todd is in love with Todd. He could love Kandi, but he loves Todd more [...] She really loves him, for whatever reason. Todd’s got a good game.”

She shared that she doesn’t regret bucking up to Kandi’s best friend like an extra in the “Never Scared” video.

“Someone told me that they saw Carmon sitting on Todd’s lap at a club back in April. They were being really flirty and were all up on each other,” dished Joyce, adding that Kandi, chose to ignore the accusations even though “everyone in town” was talking about it. “She just doesn’t want to believe what’s going on.”

But since quality denim capri pants are hard to come by these days, Joyce has put her desires to burn anybody in Kandi’s life that didn’t slide out of her vagina with a wine-flavored Black & Mild behind her — for now. “Right now, I’ve decided to back off a bit,” she tells the mag. “I’m trying to rebuild my relationship with my daughter because that’s all I have.”