New Music: Eddie Murphy – Promise (You Won’t Break My Heart)

eddie murphy New Music: Eddie Murphy   Promise (You Wont Break My Heart)

I turned off all the lights in my house and peaked through the blinds when the subject line “New Music: Eddie Murphy - Promise (You Won’t Break My Heart)” hit my inbox.

I will never forget what this country did to our civil right leaders so I know what it is capable of doing to my Black ass through the power of music. My conspiracy theory is that a sniper was waiting in the wings for me to fling my door open and run out of my house screaming bloody murder into the night’s sky as I covered my ears just like this. Too fast for the feds, too cocky for the cops.

According to his reps, Donkey’s upcoming album tentatively titled 9 “highlights the range of Murphy’s musical talent, which encompasses a wealth of influences that zips across a wide variety of music genres.” I’ll let Black Twitter be the judge of that. Skeet or delete?