Watch Sheree Whitfield’s ‘TV One Life After’ Episode And A ‘RHOA’ Sneak Peek Clip

I totally missed the memo that noted celebrity tank top bedazzler Sheree Whitfield closed out the season of TV One’s docu-series ‘Life After’. I’ve really got to sit down and go through all of the fucks that I have been meaning to donate to the less fortunate. We are all God’s children.

Now, the non-shade is that the new season of ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ premieres tonight at 8PM — and it’s waaaay more interesting than staring at faded pictures in a broken glass of Bob Whitfield’s eyes looking like the Pop-O-Matic bubble from the Headache board game.

Watch NeNe Leakes threaten to whip out the throbbing piece of meat hanging between her thighs and pee inside Kenya Moore‘s champagne glass as well as a trailer of the drama set to unfold this season after the jump!