Quick Quotes: Erica Mena Dismisses Talk That She’s Bisexual For Male Attention

erica mena Quick Quotes: Erica Mena Dismisses Talk That Shes Bisexual For Male Attention

Last season, fans of ‘Love & Hip Hop’ followed Erica Mena as she attempted to launch a music career by playing up her relationship with then on-again-way-the-fuck-off-again manager Rich Dollaz. This time around the hot tempered Latina model’s new love interest is an equally attractive model name Cyn Santana and she’s penning a book titled ‘Chronicles of a Confirmed Bachelorette: The Girl Factor’ detailing her experiences with both sexes. Listen, we all have bills.

Check out excerpts from her interview with Vibe below.

Her response to people saying that she is only dating girls for male attention:

“I think it’s funny because that’s the moment you take the time to put into perspective how crucial, incredible and foolish society is. I don’t think it’s accepted naturally to be bisexual, especially as a woman. So I expect that, but I also have the time to laugh at it because it is what it is. It makes me laugh because whether they believe it or not this is what you have to accept, this is what is going to be on your TV every Monday night. I think what people have to just naturally give me the respect for is the fact that me being a woman and no matter what I’ve done, fault to mistakes or right to wrong, that I’m able to step out and be like, ‘This is who I am and this is who I love to be with. This is what it is, this is my life. I’m on a reality show so you get what you get.’”

 Explaining her sexuality to her six-year-old son King:

Cyn’s actually met my son and I’m the youngest of eight girls, so naturally he has to deal with a lot of women in his life. I haven’t really sat down with him to kind of say this is mommy’s girlfriend because we haven’t taken that step on full on commitment. But when it comes time to, I think King will understand, especially because of how hard I really do go for him. I give him the world and I shelter him so much that there is going to be a time where I’ll have to sit down with him and relate it to him. At the end of the day, life and the way things are nowadays, you have to mentally prepare your kids. Whether I’m with a woman or not, walking down the street with my son, he’s going to see a man and a man holding hands, so eventually I have to give him that conversation. It’s kind of like the birds and the bees, it’s part of life. It’s just a time and a place and until I’m certain that me and her are taking the next step, I will have that conversation. But until then, I think he knows that there’s definitely love and mommy’s changed. So I think he feels that I don’t have to front no more.