Yes, You Care: Wendy Williams Plans To ‘Eat Crow’ If Kim And Kanye’s Marriage Last 73 Days

168496616 Yes, You Care: Wendy Williams Plans To Eat Crow If Kim And Kanyes Marriage Last 73 Days

Wendy Williams congratulated Kim Kardashian on her engagement to HMK during her Hot Topics segment this morning, reminding viewers she will go through with her plan to eat crow should their marriage last longer than the 72 days that she was married to NBA player Kris Humphries.

And then her team sent out a press release, making it more about her stunt queen antics and less about them. Well played, Mr. Wendell.

“I don’t know anything about a date, but I do know what I said and I’m gonna stick to it,” she said. “I’ve always said that Kim and Kanye will never get married. And I said, if they do get married, I will eat crow. Right here, on this show. I’m a woman of my word.”

I would expect this type of behavior during Sweeps Week but okay Wendell. She went on to explain how crow is not only a legal cuisine but a delicacy in Lithuania after reminding her viewers that an engagement is not a wedding.