Clicks Around The Web: Rihanna Asked to Leave Abu Dhabi Mosque After Photo Shoot

Rihanna was booted from the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in the United Arab Emirates over the weekend after posing for a photo op that didn’t mesh with ‘sanctity’  standards of the holy site. Way to go, Cynthia Doll.

Allow Michael K. from Dlisted to explain:

RiRi’s Cubic Zirconias World Tour stopped in Abu Dhabi over the weekend and on Saturday she decided to put on a hijab and bust out an Instagram photo shoot at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. We as a people should gather together as one and be thankful that RiRi covered up her fugilicious tattoos for once, but not everyone is happy about this shit. After striking ridiculous pose after ridiculous pose on the grounds of the Grand Mosque, RiRi was kicked out by officials who were offended by her little photo shoot.

“She left without entering the mosque, after being asked to do so, due to the fact that she had taken some pictures that do not conform with the conditions and regulations put in place by the Centre’s management to regulate visits in a way that takes the status and sanctity of the mosque into consideration,” a representative for the mosque told media outlets in a statement.