T-Boz Denies Slandering Peebles: “That’s Called The Truth, Boo”

tlc1 T Boz Denies Slandering Peebles: Thats Called The Truth, Boo

This week, T-Boz and Chilli revealed to The Breakfast Club that the group had only $15,000 after selling 10 million records after former TLC manager Peri “Pebbles” Reid and L.A. Reid swindled them out of the profits from their recording contract.

Following the interview, Pebbles wasted no time threatening legal action for the way she’s being portrayed in the upcoming VH1 biopic and media.

“I’m not here to promote something I put on the map and yet have been disrespected by because of more reasons than one! Lawyers on deck,” she tweeted.

“I would say being lied on for as long and trying to continue to is sadder. But, the continued slander from all will help prove just what was done,” she continued. “Thank you love. It’s not good what they played a part of but it will be dealt with now that the slander continues.”

She added,”TLC without me? No way. I gotta go! Like I said hours ago, have a good one and let’s keep it good and classy from over here. I want to see all do well. Always have.”

When asked by Necole Bitchie about her thoughts on Pebbles’ tweets, T-Boz defended her statements and said that she was just being honest.

“I don’t really care about that. I love [Pebbles]. She did a lot for us. She really helped me figure out who T-Boz was to really tap into my talent. There’s a lot of things she did do for us, but at the same [time], you’re never going to agree. We can respectfully agree to disagree, but I’m not slandering you. You can’t tell me my perception of you and how I felt about what you said or did to me. That’s not slander. That’s called telling the truth, boo.[...]I can see her tomorrow and give her a hug and a kiss. I don’t hold grudges. I’m over that. I’m too old for that.”