Cassie Covers Talks Inspiration From Diddy, If She’s Ready For Kids, And More With ‘VIBE Vixen’

vibe vixen magazine Cassie Covers Talks Inspiration From Diddy, If Shes Ready For Kids, And More With VIBE Vixen

Returning back to her modeling roots, Cassie covers the latest issue of VIBE Vixen magazine. Repeat after me: yes, I care. Here’s what your favorite concubine and mine had to share with the magazine:

VIBE Vixen: Has Diddy inspired you to run your own empire? Was there an important business lesson you learned from him?

Absolutely. Just being around him is a completely inspiring experience. Starting my own empire would be great. I’m trying to figure that out. I’m still working with Cassie Enterprises right now but I think that would be something I would love to do.

Being a model for more than half your life, describe the moment you realized your looks are a means to getting what you want, whether it was attention from a certain guy or landing the dream job.

It’s so funny for you to even say “attention from a guy” because I had my funny-looking stage. I think everyone had it as a kid. I remember every star, every birthday wish blowing out a candle, I would always wish boys would like me because I used to get made fun of a little bit.

Girl On The Go: Cassie Hits The Streets In New York City

Is there anything else that you feel like you need to conquer or do you feel like it’s time to settle down a bit and maybe have a couple mini Cassies?

Oh my god! Me and my friends are always talking about that. Maybe some mini Cassies or Cassiuses coming up. I’m not really sure. My new thing right now is I’m going to get back into some acting. I did Step Up 2 a while ago and I enjoyed being on set so I think I’m going to start taking classes, work with an agency and seeing where that goes as well. I’m working on a sophomore album currently so hopefully things start to move.

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