The More You Know: Solange Is Tired Of People ‘Playing Black’

solange2 The More You Know: Solange Is Tired Of People Playing Black

Solange is tired of people thinking they are down for the cause because they keep a few token homies in their crew. ”It’s just so fun to ‘play black’ huh? Liiiiike……Lets all dress up, and ‘play black’ today because that shit is more fun than six flags!,” she tweeted yesterday.

Sol-angel and her Hadley Street Dreams deserve one huge sigh followed up by a long look at a dusty ceiling fan.

I get where you are coming from with this, but if you aren’t going to grab the mic and say that the next time you are spinning “Back That Ass Up” for those exact people at a corporate-sponsored hipster block party in the heart of gentrified ass Brooklyn — get off my porch. I can’t be bothered. Oh, and just @ Miley Cyrus next time.

Watch Solange dance around an empty flea market in her latest music video.