15 Minutes With Da Baddest Bitch: Nardwuar vs. Trina

trina nard 15 Minutes With Da Baddest Bitch: Nardwuar vs. Trina

I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret. Applying Trina‘s hood rat hymns to my daily life has kept my rent paid and car on more than half a tank of gas at all times. Get it how you live folks. So watching her talk about her days as an employee at an AT&T call center is more touching than any ‘Oprah: Next Chapter’ interview I have seen thus far.

Watch the Patron Saint of Paid Hoes chat it up with Nardwuar about working with thug poet Trick Daddy, having sex and eating jumbo shrimp inside.

UPDATE: Trina was hospitalized for dehydration after passing out at a Florida airport this morning. Later in the day, she shared a photo from her hospital bed showing an IV inserted in her arm with the caption “Thanks for your concern and prayers! I’m ok, just ready to leave this place I hate needles.”

See, I’m not going to even take the “get plenty of fluids” bait. I’m genuine as hell with my well wishes. Feel better!