Yes, You Care: All Hail Tahj Mowry’s Butt Naked Ankles

tahj Yes, You Care: All Hail Tahj Mowrys Butt Naked Ankles

I love an itty bitty pretty with butt naked ankles, don’t you?

If your inner sanctum was suddenly flooded with the overwhelming desire to exchange Trina lyrics from your hoodrat cousin’s Facebook wall over text message with Tahj Mowry I’m right here with you. This pussy clean, this pussy squeaky. That’s actually a Nicki Minaj quote but I found it fitting for the subject at hand.

The baddest bitch twice remove from the Mowry family tree made his presence felt at a Emmy week kick-off party held at Cecconi’s Restaurant in Los Angeles on Sunday (September 15) aaaaaaand you pulled his panties off to the side with your eyes on Tuesday (September 17).

Who knew one of life’s calorie-free guilty treasures could taste so sweet.