‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Husband Apollo Nida Allegedly Attacked Kenya Moore’s Assistant

cousins2 Real Housewives of Atlanta Husband Apollo Nida Allegedly Attacked Kenya Moores Assistant

‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star Apollo Nida roughed up Kenya Moore’s assistant / god friend Brandon DeShazer last night, and the brawl was over their Donkey-Stallion-Jack-Ass-Booty workout dvd drama. All that aggression from two tapioca pudding colored men. It’s a shame that Tyler Perry had to miss out.

Apollo reportedly flew into a rage and “violently attacked” Brandon at a party that was being filmed for the upcoming season of the popular reality show. With cameras catching every second of the squabble, he had to be restrained by seven male crew members before finally simmering down.

According to witnesses, the dramatic cunt battle of egos was because Apollo still felt slighted over Brandon and Kenya’s decision to produce their own workout video after their deal with Apollo and wife Phaedra Parks fell apart.

Apollo tells TMZ that there was a fight on set, he tried to break it up and was attacked by Brandon. He adds at that everything got out of control when he defended himself. | source