Yes, You Care: Nancy “Mama” Jones Snags Book Deal, Set To Release Romance Guide

mama jones Yes, You Care: Nancy Mama Jones Snags Book Deal, Set To Release Romance Guide

Never mind Nasir. The Secret Squirrel Lady is the real Dr. Knockboot.

Mother of rapper Jim Jones and ‘Love & Hip Hop’ star Nancy “Mama” Jones has signed a book deal with Wahida Clark Publishing to release her manual on dating and love.

In penning the non-fiction book sure to be reviewed by O Magazine, Mama Jones aims to teach readers to “love wisely.”

“There are some things that real women just wouldn’t do,” Mama Jones explains in a press release for the book set to be released October 18. “I outline a lady code to reinforce the ethics of real women. And I’m going to teach you young brothers a thing or two.”

I don’t know how you feel about taking advice from someone who lives in a constant state of paranoia because they have dyed their hair with kool-aid and now fear the chance of unexpected rain but I’m booked like Kelly Price. | XXL