Jacking For Posts: In Appreciation Of Twerk Team

twerk team1 Jacking For Posts: In Appreciation Of Twerk Team

From The Smoking Section: From the moment Hannah Montana uploaded that fateful video of her “twerking” in that weird onesie months back, it’s been something myself and others have seen coming like the bubonic plague. Miley Cyrus would reap the benefits while e-pioneers Lady Luscious and Mizz.TwerkSum would be left at the altar. That’s the account I will be forced to tell my grandkids one day. That’s not an America I want to live in.

By in large part, the brave heroines of posterior gyrations – collectively known as the “Twerk Team” – weren’t the first to “twerk” either. You see, the dance movement has been around for generations and practiced religiously in nudie bars in America for years, likely molded through the inspiration of Uncle Luke, DJ Jubilee or Cheeky Blakk. Twerk Team receives credit here because of the lack of credit elsewhere. The not-so-important news of twerking receiving a “scientific study” by ABC was one thing. But to have it now placed in the Oxford Online Dictionary with no footnote whatsoever to TwerkSum and Luscious?

No, America, this travesty will not be taken with silent disdain anymore. | Continue Reading