Johnny Gill Denies Getting Beat Up: “You Got A Better Chance Of Hitler Comin’ Back!”

Johnny Johnny Gill Denies Getting Beat Up: You Got A Better Chance Of Hitler Comin’ Back!

For all of you that thought getting his ass pummeled by a drunk racist man was the reason that Johnny Gill is suing the Beverly Hills Four Seasons Hotel for not provided the proper security, he has a few words for you: “Can you imagine some old white motherfucker whippin’ my ass? You got a better chance of Hitler comin’ back!”

I’m sure Eddie Murphy is now resting well knowing that no other man touched Johnny in an inappropriate way.

In a new interview, the singer reveals that a fight never took place.


Gill tells EURweb the intoxicated man came over to his table while he was talking to his  boo’s girlfriend’s friend (whom happened to be Caucasian) and started making comments that he felt was directed at him.

So, when Johnny jumped up to put them paws on the man, his friend grabbed him to stop the altercation, causing him to trip over a heating lamp. Here is where the lawsuit comes in.

Since the Four Seasons didn’t have the proper security and refused to be responsible for his medical bills due to a dislocated shoulder he received from the fall, he’s suing for his injury.

Now which story sounds more believable? You be the judge!

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