‘RHOA’ Peter Thomas Clears The Air On Restaurant Foreclosure

cynthia peter RHOA Peter Thomas Clears The Air On Restaurant Foreclosure

‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ fans have been buzzing over news that Cynthia Bailey and husband Peter Thomas purchased their combined weight in BC Headache Powder after it was reported that Thomas’ restaurant Bar One was set to be auctioned off on the steps of the Fulton County Courthouse in September.

Despite his history of failed ventures, Bailey loaned Thomas more than $50K to help with the opening of the chic lounge.

I don’t think you realize how much brown gel that type of money can buy.

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Speaking exclusively with Straight From The A, Thomas clarified that the owners are currently in foreclosure but it’s not him since the space currently occupied by the popular spot for young professional is leased. He adds that he has submitted a bid and is “first in line to purchase” the property.

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