Clip Of The Week: Watch A Church Choir Sing “Keep Your Business Off Of Facebook”

God’s only begotten son has been known to end a party early by flipping over a table or two in his day. The way your embarrassing but loyal friends from childhood operate their Facebook accounts is enough to make a normally mellowed out Jesus touch down to cause hell like Torrence Hatch.

That preceding paragraph was written with you in mind, Syleesha ImaLetGodDealWithUFuckNiggaz Davis.

Until the cloak of social media ignorance is removed by the masses for all of eternity, the featured church choir has made it their praise mission to chastise both sinners and saints in a passive aggressive manner. We lift our hands in the sanctuary, not our iPhones for selfies!

Now turn to your neighbor and say “Neighbor, the pictures that you post, you need to quit it ’cause you doing the most. You need to keep your business off of Facebook.”

Thanks Lauren!