Style Jury: Mariah Carey’s Studded Leather Arm Sling

mariah carey sling Style Jury: Mariah Careys Studded Leather Arm Sling

Mariah Carey rocked a studded arm sling while attending the premiere of Lee Daniels’ The Butler on Monday (August 5) in New York City less than a month after dislocating her shoulder while shooting a music video. White people are referring to the medical necessity as a “bling sling” and that makes me feel really, really hollow on the inside.

The premiere marked the first time the former ‘American Idol’ judge left the house in two weeks in wake of her injury. She revealed to E! News on the red carpet outside the Ziegfeld Theater that she underwent X-rays earlier that day, joking she’s had “more MRIs that the guy who invented MRIs.”

I would like to believe that she meant “than the guy who invented MRIs” but this is Mimikins; the effects of whatever pills she is popping at the present moment always arrive a half hour earlier than her thought process.

Here’s what the Crunksters on C+D’s Facebook page had to say about her look:

Jg – Her wrist game is on point. This is the best thing that happened to her fashion wise ever. | Riettier – The gilded stylish drama never stops bedazzling. | Rasheeda – She actually looks age appropriate for once . . . stay like that Mariah. |  Michelle – I love it! True diva realness. | Stephen – I’m surprised she didn’t hot glue butterflies to her arm.

What’s your verdict on her look?