Oprah (And Her Big Hair) Hit The Red Carpet With Stedman Graham

oprah stedman Oprah (And Her Big Hair) Hit The Red Carpet With Stedman Graham

The newly rediscovered sexual feline living inside of Oprah continued its prowl at the premiere of ‘The Butler’ on Monday night (August 5) in New York City. Lady O was accompanied on the red carpet by her fine ass longtime dick dealer Stedman Graham. Let’s go, little kitty kat.

Before chatting it up with AJ Calloway about her return to the big screen in the Lee Daniels flick due in theaters August 16 earlier today, the 59-year-old playfully warned Free’s former scalp masseuse not to ask her any questions about Paula Deen.

“Oh my God! I don’t have anything to do with Paula Deen,” Oprah laughed. “She is not the first white lady to use the ‘n’ word! Good Lord!”

Oprah Attends Press Conference For ‘The Butler’

On “The Butler,” Winfrey admitted she had multiple conversations with director Lee Daniels before taking the role because he had asked her to do other parts in the past. She explained, “He wanted me to be an assassin, then he wanted me to play a person who kidnaps children and holds them hostage. I called him up and said ‘Do not send me anything like this again, cause I’m gonna burn it!’”

The media mogul adds that she did the film because it was about families that love each other, “where we are middle class people, working, just wanting for their children to grow and be somebody in the world.” And to fuck with Tyler Perry’s feelings on the low.

Not really, but I can dream. Visit ExtraTv.com to read more from the interview!