Style File: The Time Beyonce And Jay-Z Wore Coordinating Denim Outfits On TRL

beyonce jay z denim Style File: The Time Beyonce And Jay Z Wore Coordinating Denim Outfits On TRL

Let’s see what we have here. Timberland Manolo Blahnik boots, a denim dress made from assorted pairs of mom jeans, and two drawstring ponytails perpetrating as a full wig topped by a Yankees fitted. Are you still bowing down or nah?

If you scale the wall outside of their luxury apartment (that’s how Mathew Knowles dropped off his wedding invitation earlier this year, but that’s shade for another day) and peek inside of a window you may find Jay-Z celebrating the platinum success of ‘Biblical Magnum Condoms’ with wife Beyonce this week.

But unless there is a Country Crock plastic tub filled with Bey Bey’s famous Hamburger Helper waiting for our arrival who really gives a shit? Let’s travel back to 2002 and revisit their casket sharp appearance for TRL’s Spankin’ New Music Week.

Fun fact: Every article of clothing contained in these pictures can currently be found in the closets of LeToya Jackson and Rihanna.

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