No Fats, No Femmes: Kandida West Has Spoken

girlfriend please No Fats, No Femmes: Kandida West Has Spoken

God bless the man who knocked House Mother Kanye‘s period on.

In promotion of his latest album ‘No Fats, No Femmes’ (now available on iTunes and inside heaven’s gift shop) HMK has been serving freshmen year Whitley Gilbert in a bid to convince all that he is the baddest past, present and future bitch to tip around campus.

As someone pointed out on Twitter recently, HMK’s delusions of grandeur would make bomb-ass social media bios, and his most recent interview with W Magazine is no exception. I hugged myself and laughed like Ray Charles several times.

That bitch is on one.

 On how being denied from a fashion show inspired ‘I Am A Stunt Queen’

So the next day I went to the studio with Daft Punk, and I wrote ‘I Am a God!’ Cause it’s like, Yo! Nobody can tell me where I can and can’t go. Man, I’m the No. 1 living and breathing rock star. I am Axl Rose; I am Jim Morrison; I am Jimi Hendrix. You can’t say that you love music and then say that Kanye West can’t come to your show! To even think they could tell me where I could and couldn’t go is just ludicrous. It’s blasphemous — to rock ’n’ roll, and to music. How can someone stop my opportunity to see something that he can teach me, that I can help teach the world? … I made that song because I am a god. I don’t think there’s much more explanation. I’m not going to sit here and defend shit. That shit is rock ’n’ roll, man. That shit is rap music. I am a god. Now what?

On having an ego the size of Tony Siragusa

On one end, I try to scale it back. Because I don’t want to close any of the doors needed to create the best product possible. But my ego is my drug. My drug is, ‘I’m better than all you other motherfuckers. Kiss my ass!’

On the kids in the ballroom claims that he makes Kim Kardashian wipe back to front instead of front to back

Nobody can tell my girl what to do. She just needed to be given some platforms of information to work from. One beautiful thing is that as she discovers it, the world discovers it. For her to take that risk in front of the world, it just shows you how much she loves me. And how much she actually loves the opportunity to learn. You got, like, a million companies saying, ‘This is impacting your brand! This is impacting your fans! And blah blah blah.’ But she still sees this light of beauty.

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