Black Music Month Spotlight: Get Nasty With Lucille Bogan

If you thought that bragging on the 32 flavors of your juice box was a great creation of this generation then think again. Before Trina was found in a strip club and Khia was accidentally created due to Jack Daniels and an expired condom, there was the Grandmother of Coochie slanging herself: Lucille Bogan.

Born April 1, 1897 in Amory, Mississippi (I’m sure plenty of you have cousins or great uncles near there you owe a phone call), Lucille shows how Harriet Tubman was able to keep control of all those runaway slaves on the Underground Railroad.

Listen, if she doesn’t get her own special next February on OWN it will be an injustice to all the bad bitches who live by the motto “as long as I have a wet pussy I will never have a dry purse.”

Lucille Bogan, I offer you all the cornmeal and moonshine I can find in honor of your work.